WWE/THE BUMP: Carlisle native Evan Mack hosts new WWE show (The Sentinel)

Posted on 10/29/119 by Mike Informer

5 Questions: Carlisle native Evan Mack hosts new WWE

Tammie Gitt
The Sentinel
16 hrs ago

Back in the heyday of Carlisle Street Hoops, when basketball
games closed High Street for a summer afternoon, people
would say basketball standout Evan Mack put on a show during
the slam dunk competition.

Now, he literally puts on a show every week as one of the
hosts of WWEs The Bump.

The Bump premiered Oct. 2 on the WWE Network while being
broadcast simultaneously on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.
The show airs live at 10 a.m. every Wednesday.

The move is the latest leg in a journey that took Mack from
Carlisle to Los Angeles, and now to Stamford, Connecticut,
as he pursues a passion greater than any hoop dreams: acting
and entertainment.

Macks been willing to hustle to make it happen, working as
a production assistant at WWE, producing shows for
AfterBuzzTV and working the red carpet for various events.

Q. Tell us a little about your journey from Carlisle to L.A.

A. A lot of mistakes, missteps and random situations led me
to this point. Going through life not knowing who you are
after basketball was a scary thing. I had to focus on what
my true passion was and that is acting and entertainment.
Being broke for years, relying on financial support from
your father, going to college, working terrible jobs and
then finally getting a foothold in Los Angeles was a
struggle to say the least. Then, after you establish
yourself in LA, you get a job that moves you to Stamford,
Connecticut. Thats life and its crazy sometimes.

Q. How did the connection to WWE come about?

A. A mixture of God, my familys support and the platform
offered by Afterbuzz TV. I put in the time and effort at the
network and relied on the freedom of expression they
provided me with. With each passing week, I developed and
found my voice and was given creative liberties that caught
the eye of my dream company. I cant thank Keven Undergaro
and Maria Menounos enough for the chance to let me be me.

Q. What can people expect from your new gig at The Bump?

A. They can expect an original, unscripted, honest approach
to sports entertainment. WWE has given me the platform to be
creative while hanging out and interviewing the industries
top WWE superstars from the past, present and future.

Q. What advice would you give someone who has similar dreams
to yours?

A. Make sure you have a way to pay your bills. You can
pursue your dreams, but dont be hungry or homeless. My wife
worked doubles, added hours, worked seven days straight at
times just to afford me the opportunity to pursue this
dream. No one does this by themselves. My advice is to
cherish the people that believe in you, help you, pray for
you to succeed. Im still grinding, even with a little bit
of daylight in front of me. Dont give up, ever.

Q. Since many locals remember you from your basketball days,
how often do you get a chance to play?

A. Im old now, ha. I havent played basketball in years.
Sometimes I miss the feeling, the cheers, the boos and even
the hate that came with my game. Then, I think back at the
times when I thought I was good enough to play at a high
level. I came to a realization I was never good enough to
play in the NBA or professionally. Listening to people tell
me I wasted my talent didnt really understand the game
wasnt a way out for me. It was just a fun thing I loved to
do. It took an injury to help push me to another chapter in
my life. I loved the game and the opportunities it gave me,
but I feel entertaining people is my true calling.

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