WWE SUPER SHOWDOWN: Ali donating all earnings from Super ShowDown to charity

Posted on 6/09/119 by Colin Vassallo

WWE Superstar Ali wrote on social media that he is donating
all the money he is receiving from participating at Super
ShowDown in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Charity Water.

Charity Water is a a non-profit organization bringing clean
and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

WWE has always been criticized for accepting a 10-year deal
with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and accepting blood money
for the sake of business. Everyone on the roster including
women who are not part of the event receive a payment from
each Saudi show.

The Chicago-born of Muslim faith Ali is often heckled on
Twitter for being a Muslim. In a tweet yesterday, he wished
his son a happy birthday and apologized for missing his
birthday again but explained that hes out there trying to
chase down a dream while knocking down a few barriers,
barriers, he said, that he hopes his son will never have to

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