WWE SMACKDOWN/USA NETWORK: September 12 results with major angle involving Vince McMahon and Kevin Owens

Posted on 9/13/117 by Colin Vassallo Smackdown! Live Television Report for September 12, 2017
Title (Bloody Hell) Tuesday!

Introduction Segment: Video Promo and Welcoming

A recap of Kevin Owens` rivalry with Commissioner Shane
McMahon is shown. In the arena, we are greeted by Tom
Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves!

Arena Promo

Kevin Owens is out first. He declares Smackdown! `The Kevin
Owens Show` and makes some changes. He first fires Sami
Zayn, and then makes Tom and Byron one man on commentary. He
calls out Mr. McMahon the big boss but Commissioner
Shanes music plays; however, it is actually Dolph Ziggler
dressed up. They banter quickly, and Dolph leaves. General
Manager Daniel Bryan now meets Owens in the ring; he warns
Kevin that Mr. McMahon Vince will be on tonights show


Match #1: Single for the United States Championship A.J.
Styles (Champion) VS. Tye Dillinger (Challenger)

They lockup and go-back-and-forth for a bit. Both land on
the apron, and Dillinger shoves A.J. into the ring post.


Both are slowly getting up, and Styles hits some fast
strikes and a jumping-clothesline! He goes to the apron for
his Phenomenal Forearm, but Baron Corbin runs out; A.J. hits
his Forearm on Corbin, and then Tye rolls him up for two!
Styles goes for his Styles Clash, but Dillinger reverses and
hits A.J. with his Tye-Breaker! 1 2 Styles just lifts
his shoulder!

Tye picks up A.J., but the U.S. Champ rolls him into his
Calf-Crusher and Dillinger gives-up!

Winner via Pinfall and STILL United States Champion: A.J.

Post-match, Tye and Styles shake hands, and then Baron
slides in and hurls A.J. over the barricade and then
clotheslines Dillinger! He drives Styles to the floor with
his End of Days swinging-flatliner finisher, and then
announces that he is accepting the .J. Styles Open
Challenge` for next week!

Backstage Promo

Rusev is interviewed about his visit home; he says that he
was not greeted with warmth because he lost in ten seconds
to Randy Orton at Summerslam. The Bulgarian Brute says he
now has to break a legend.


Arena Promo

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers strut to
the ring. Jinder makes fun of Shinsuke Nakamuras facial
expressions whom Mahal will be facing at Hell In A Cell in
October for the WWE Championship.

Backstage Promo

Kevin Owens ordering luxuries from an assistant and then
walks up to Sami Zayn. He recalls their travelling days and
says that Zayn will not be employed when he takes control of
Smackdown! Sami is fine with that, as hed rather go back
to wrestling in armories than work for you!


Match #2: Tag-Team for the Tag-Team Championship The New
Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E.) (Challengers) VS. The Usos
(Jimmy and Jey) (Champions)

(Stipulation: Sin City Streetfight Rules)

All four brawl immediately, with New Day getting the
upperhand and pulling a table from under the ring! Usos
quickly gain control after slamming Kofi on the floor and
running Big into the ring post!


Jimmy and Jey are now governing after decimating E. with the
steel steps and a steel chair during the break. Back live,
they Superkick the chair into Bigs face! Jey then tosses a
kendo stick to Jimmy, and he whacks E. on the back! Both
twins look to extend the punishment by tying E. between the
top and middle rope, but Kingston comes in and breaks it up.
He then whales away furiously on both brothers with the
stick, and then uses a chair against them.

One Uso is thrown over the ropes and lands awkwardly, and
then another splashes into the corner but misses Kingston
and hits a chair! Kofi soars off of the top turnbuckle to
the outside with his Trust Fall, but The Twins catch him and
awkwardly dump him into the corner of the barricade. An Uso
runs into Big, who overhead belly-to-belly suplexes him, and
then takes down the other Uso in the ring!

The Champs regain control and go for a double-splash from
the top turnbuckles, but Kingston gets back up and pushes an
Uso off into the table on the outside! He then hits Trouble
In Paradise on the other Uso, and both he and E. drive The
Uso into the canvas with their Midnight Hour double-team
finisher! Big E. covers for the hard-fought victory!

Winners via Pinfall and NEW Tag-Team Champions: The New Day
(Kofi Kingston and Big E.)

General Manager Daniel Bryan is shown talking to a backstage


Match #3: Single for the Womens Championship Naomi
(Challenger) VS. Natalya (Challenger)

(Note: Carmella is on commentary with James Ellsworth
attached to her via a leash!)

They start-out even and then Naomi takes over until Natalya


Both are down on the mat after a double-crossbody, and then
Naomi has the momentum. She places Natalya on the middle
rope and slingshots herself in from the other side with a
leg drop! 1 2 Nattie kicks out! Naomi goes for her
split-legged moonsault from the top turnbuckle, but Natalya
moves and tries the Sharpshooter; Naomi kicks her to the
floor, where she gets into a confrontation with Carmella and
James Ellsworth.

Naomi dives with a crossbody, but Nattie ducks and Naomi
lands on Carmella and Ellsworth! Nattie takes advantage and
locks in The Sharpshooter in the ring, forcing Naomi to tap!

Winner via Submission and STILL Womens Champion: Natalya

Locker Room Promo

Aiden English is singing when Kevin Owens walks up to him.
Kevin offers him a position as a vocalist for The Kevin
Owens Show. English demonstrates, which Owens seems pleased


Arena Promo

Dolph Ziggler mocks more wrestler entrances starting with
Bayleys and then going into the late Ultimate Warriors. He
then rips on the fans and other wrestlers (no names dropped)


Match #4: Tag-Team The Hype Bros. (Mojo Rawley and Zack
Ryder) VS. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin

Gable and Mojo begin, and then Chad quickly tags in Shelton,
who hits a spin-kick, but then is put to the canvas with a
shoulder-block. Ryder is in and whips Mojo into Benjamin,
and clotheslines Gable to the floor. he is going for the
RoughRyder, but Shelton reverses with a spinebuster.
Benjamin puts Zack in a powerbomb position and Chad tags
himself in and then springs off of the top rope! He covers
to receive the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin

Post-match, Ryder declines the handshake and walks away,
leaving the other three puzzled.

GM Bryan is shown talking with Owner Vince McMahon!


Arena Promo

Kevin Owens walks out to the ring, and then Mr. McMahon
returns! Owens tries to one-up Vince but the C.E.O. doesnt
play. He reminds Kevin of the power that he really has, and
then says he did not suspend Shane because of what he did
he suspended Shane because of what he didnt do finish
the job!

Vince says that he has reinstated Shane and now Shane will
wrestle Owens inside the Hell In A Cell! Kevin makes Vince
promise that Owens can beat a McMahon senseless; McMahon
shakes his hand, and then Kevin headbutts Vince, busting him
open! Owens kicks McMahon in the stomach, and then gives him
a superkick. He climbs the top turnbuckle. Agent Adam Pearce
charges in, but Kevin doesnt care, and rockets off of the
top with a frog splash! Referees and Adam, as well as
doctors, force Kevin out, and attend to Vince.

Stephanie McMahon now marches down the ramp and glares at
Owens, and then helps her father. Vince drops to his knees
and says my ribs, to close the show.

End of Smackdown! Live.

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