WWE SMACKDOWN/USA NETWORK: Kevin Owens viciously attacks Vince McMahon on Smackdown

Posted on 9/13/117 by Colin Vassallo

Vince McMahon made his first WWE televised appearance since
the post-WrestleMania Raw last night on Smackdown live from
Las Vegas, Nevada.

Unfortunately for the Chairman and CEO, his return ended
badly for him as Kevin Owens joined the list of Superstars
who managed to beat the crap out of their boss.

McMahon told Owens that if he files that lawsuit that he was
threatening last week, hes going to get in touch with his
attorney and while hes on speaker phone, he will tell him,
Kevin Owensyoure fireeed! He said that he has a B next
to his name, which stands for billionaire. By the time the
lawsuit would be over, Kevin Owens would also have a B
next to his name, but B for bankrupt.

Vince added that the only reason he suspended Shane was
because he couldnt get the job done and when you mess with
Shanes family, you mess with his family. He then announced
Shane vs Owens inside Hell In A Cell.

After the two agreed that Owens wouldnt be fired if he beat
McMahon senseless, Owens headbutted Vince and opened him up
the hard way. Vince stood back up and tried to fight back
but Owens continued his vicious attack on the Chairman and
CEO, super kicking him and then delivering a nasty looking
frog splash.

Stephanie McMahon, who has not appeared since WrestleMania,
then walked out to help her father, who refused to go out on
a stretcher.

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