WWE/SETH ROLLINS: Seth Rollins off WWE television for the next several weeks

Posted on 11/25/120 by Colin Vassallo

Seth Rollins is not expected to be on WWE television for the
next several weeks as he had requested time off to be with
his fiancee Becky Lynch for the arrival of their baby.

Rollins lost to Rey Mysterio and Murphy on Smackdown over
the past two weeks and was eliminated first during the
Survivor Series after he sacrificed himself for a Brogue
Kick from Sheamus.

Lynch is expected to give birth in the beginning of December
but it is not known how Rollins will be out for. Apart from
an injury in late 2015 which kept him out for six months,
Rollins has been wrestling pretty much non-stop for the
company and has not had any lengthy breaks.

A Royal Rumble return would be ideal but that might be too
close, giving him just two months out. Early betting odds
have Rollins at 14/1 to win the Rumble, not good odds for
The Messiah! If youre interested in online betting, you can
check out odds for other sports at powerplay.com. Rollins
won the 2019 Rumble so another win this close is highly

Daniel Bryan, who was in a similar situation with the
arrival of his second child, was out for five months.

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