WWE/ROMN REIGNS: Filmmaker claims he has evidence that Roman Reigns was involved in WFN steroid scheme

Posted on 2/23/118 by Colin Vassallo

Filmmaker Jon Bravo, who is investigating the Wellness
Fitness Nutrition steroid story and the allegations against
Roman Reigns leveled by incarcerated owner Richard
Rodriguez, seems to have pretty solid evidence that Reigns
was involved in the scheme and will reveal all in his
upcoming documentary. The evidence on Reigns may cause a
stir in the WWE testing policy, he wrote.

Bravo said that the evidence he has in his possession come
from the laptop used by WFN which was released in a court
proceeding and is 110% genuine. He also posted a
screenshot of Reigns contact record found on the WFN laptop
which was originally seized by the DEA.

I would not risk my career or reputation on anything that
was not based upon 100% facts, Bravo wrote, adding that his
platform is not built on rumors, but solid facts. Bravo also
posted a photo in front of a GNC location which he said is
a key to the Reigns case.

Reigns has denied knowing Rodriguez or being involved in any
scheme and said that his error in judgment from 2016 was not
going to be repeated as he learned from those mistakes. In a
separate post, Bravo wrote that the drug test failed by
Reigns in July of 2016 was directly as a result of some of
the orders placed with WFN. Was Reigns truthful in denying
knowing Rodriquez? Will that or any other info disclosed
cause an additional suspension for Reigns? the post said.

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