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Q&A: Ricochet Cant Believe What Hes Accomplished as
Just a Kid From Kentucky

Ricochet: WWE star Trevor
Mann on King of the Ring, more

By JUSTIN BARRASSO September 06, 2019

One of WWEs emerging stars is Ricochet.

The 30-year-old Trevor Mann worked his way up the
independent circuit to attain a spot in WWE, and his
wrestling portfolio also includes memorable stints in the
groundbreaking Lucha Underground as Prince Puma and an
important time of growth in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The former WWE United States Champion, who is two victories
away from winner the King of the Ring winner at the Clash of
Champions pay per view on September 15, adds a dynamic
aerial arsenal to WWE. He is an integral piece of Raw every
week, and was also just a featured part of SummerSlam in a
match against AJ Styles.

Ricochet spoke with Sports Illustrated before throwing out
the first pitch during a WWE Night hosted by the Boston
Red Sox earlier this week at Fenway Park, where he discussed
his career ascension, Paul Heymans support, the WWE status
of his girlfriend Kacy Catanzaro, and who he believes are
the most elite wrestlers in the world.

Justin Barrasso: Youre about to throw out the opening pitch
at Fenway Park for the Red Sox-Minnesota Twins game. Is this
something you ever envisioned yourself doing?

Ricochet: Im just a kid from Kentucky, so throwing out the
first pitch at Fenway Park hasnt registered yetand Im not
sure when it will. This is crazy to me. Real celebrities do
this stuff.

Barrasso: Well, you are a legitimate celebrity.

Ricochet: Am I though? Its weird to think about that, but
this is a big deal, its really cool. Ive been to two
baseball games in Japan, but this is the first American
baseball game Ive ever been to, and its super cool that
the Red Sox asked for me specifically. To be put in this
position, its awesome.

Im a big fan of any sport, especially baseball in the World
Series. And Id love to see if I could cover all that ground
in center field.

Barrasso: You are in the midst of a career where you have
continually redefined peoples expectations of your work
through your desire, work ethic, and drive.

Ricochet: Thats been the story my whole life. Thats the
real Ricochet, so its all connected.

Barrasso: You have also been presented with an opportunity
to shine in the King of the Ring tournament, which has a
history of turning wrestlers into stars. Do you have any
King of the Ring memories as a fan? And what does the
tournament mean to you?

Ricochet: Being a part of the King of the Ring is awesome.
All my favorite guys won the King of the Ring: Steve Austin,
Triple H, Owen Hart. I loved Randy Savage as the Macho King.

The tournament has been great for us, too. All the guys in
it are all really good in the ring, so its been great match
after great match. And weve been given significant time to
make it work, so that aspect has really helped, too. Being a
part of something so prestigious is so coolits where
Austin 3:16 startedand maybe it can lead to my Austin 3:16

And Im really grateful to have so much support from people
in the WWE Universe that want me to win. One of my friends
just asked, Are you used to people cheering for you yet? I
dont want to get used to it. I love being a fan. When me
and my friends watch wrestling, we get really into it, even
to this day. Its been a crazy roller coaster and I cant
get enough.

Barrasso: Paul Heyman is one of your biggest advocates in
the business. What does it mean to have Paul championing
your work?

Ricochet: Before I even came to Raw, Paul was always good to
me. Our interactions and talks were always great, and I
think he sees my passion for professional wrestling. Im a
fan of his. If Im on his good side, I want to stay there.
My goal is to get better every single week and do everything
I can to the best of my abilities.

Barrasso: The best moments in your WWE run so far have been
in the ring with AJ Styles. What is it like to work with AJ
on a consistent basis?

Ricochet: Everyone talks about how they have the best
wrestlers here, here, or there, and every company has great
wrestlers. But we have AJ Styles. Everyone else
automatically loses. It doesnt matter who theyve got,
weve got AJ Styles.

There were so many sweet matches at SummerSlam, and I loved
our match. One of my favorite matches ever from a pay-per-
view was Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle from SummerSlam [2002],
which was so cooland I got to be a part of a championship
match at SummerSlam against AJ Styles.

Barrasso: Your creativity was on full display in that
SummerSlam match with Styles, from your in-ring combinations
and sequences to your Nightwing-inspired gear. Was that your

Ricochet: The gear was my call. I was worried about the top
of it, but it wasnt that hot and I was able to move in it.
Everyone in the back seemed to like it, which is great
because Ive got a couple more ideas for bigger things, too.
Im also hoping to turn it into a sweet action figure.

Barrasso: There was a report earlier in the week that Kacy
Catanzaro handed in her notice to WWE. You and Kacy are best
friends and dating. Can you share an update on whether Kacy
is still with WWE?

Ricochet: Shes still with the company. Shes not retired at
all and shes not injured. Its a tough sport and were all
hurting, but there is nothing wrong with her.

Barrasso: Will she wrestle again?

Ricochet: I dont know. Shes very family-oriented and she
wants kids, so she doesnt know if being on the road so much
is for her. For me, Im already too deepIm on the road all
the time. She loves wrestling and she loves it here, and
shes so good at it, so its a very tough decision for her.

Barrasso: In your opinion, who are the top three wrestlers
in the world?

Ricochet: In the world? Only three? Wow, lets see.

AJ has to be one, and Randy Orton has to be there, too.
Randy is so smooth, and he can still put on the best match
on the card. Charlottes up there. She can show out, she has
such a star presence. When she walks out, you know shes a
superstar. Plus, theres so many in NXT like Johnny Gargano
and Adam Cole. Its really hard to put only three on it.

Barrasso: Does competing against AEW give you even more
inspiration to continue to be one of the most innovative
stars in the business?

Ricochet: That just inspires everyone, including myself, to
do better. Its good for the business. Ive got a lot of
friends over there that are making a living off this. Thats
good. Its pushing us to be better, and thats good, too. We
already want to be the best, and now we want to be even
better. We have the best wrestlers in NXT and on Raw and
SmackDown, so now we can show the world again that we are
the best talent in the world.

Barrasso: What are you most grateful for in wrestling?

Ricochet: Im so thankful for all the support. I hope people
can see that. Im having so much fun, and the support has
been helping me since my time on the indie scene and all the
way to NXT and WWE.

I couldnt do this without all that support. I wouldnt be
here without those people, so thats why I want to thank
everybody. Im really enjoying what Im doing, and I hope
everyone is enjoying wrestling. Im doing everything I can
to have fun every week and I want people to have fun
watching, too.

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