WWE Reportedly Planning To Push Unhappy Talent To Prevent AEW Jum

In the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer (via SportsKeeda), Dave Meltzer suggested that WWE is planning to give pushes to unhappy talent to prevent them from jumping ship to All Elite Wrestling when their contracts expire. We’ve reported that The Revival recently asked for their release due to their unhappiness with the tag team division. Meanwhile, Sasha Banks also seemed to hint at wanting out of her contract.

Meltzer said that WWE doesn’t want news about their talent wanting out of the company to get out, and they don’t want fans to know that the unhappy talent wants to go to AEW. WWE is now trying to keep talent happy by giving pushes to talent that may be looking to leave. WWE creative believes that by pushing talent like The Revival, Banks and Andrade, they could keep from losing them.

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