WWE RAW Had Biggest YeartoYear Ratings Drop Ever In July

RAW has been experiencing year-to-year ratings drops for some time now, but according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, RAW had its biggest year-to-year drop ever last month.

Last month’s RAW was down 36.2% from 2019, a new record. The previous record drop was between April 2018 and April 2019, a drop of 25%. This year’s drop in April was 21% from last year. The drop in May was 23% and the drop in June was 24%. There was a brief increase over that month when they brought in Ric Flair, Big Show and Christian, but it went right back down again after two weeks.

There has never been a 30% or greater drop year-to-year in the history of RAW that can’t be explained by a holiday or special episode. Over the last six weeks, the drop from last year has been over 30% in five of those weeks. Obviously, these are different circumstances than normal with the pandemic seemingly affecting ratings across the board.

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