WWE/PAIGE: Xavier Woods in new Paige sex tape, Paige comments about release of files

Posted on 3/18/117 by Colin Vassallo

A ton of other photos and videos of Paige in compromising
positions were published after the initial batch, with the
former Divas champion now in serious jeopardy of losing her

All the photos and videos were put online on the
WrestleWithThePlot Reddit forum, and one video in particular
shows Paige having sex with The New Day member Xavier Woods
while former WWE Superstar Brad Maddox films the whole
thing. This video generated a lot of memes and funny
comments regarding the content and Woods YouTube video game
channel aptly named Up Up Down Down.

Paige, on her Twitter, issued a small statement regarding
the adult content. Personal and private photos of mine were
stolen and unfortunately they were shared publicly without
my consent, she wrote. None of the others involved in the
videos have so far commented publicly.

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