WWE News AJ Lee Calls Paige A Superhero For Protecting Her In Summerslam 2014 Match, Regal Tweets Thanks

– On WWE Backstage this week, Paige revealed that the match she was most proud of was her SummerSlam 2014 match against AJ Lee, noting that AJ was nursing injuries and that they got through the entire match with AJ having to take a single bump. This prompted AJ to tweet more details on the match:

“I herniated 3 discs in my cervical spine the week before this match, couldnt turn my head or feel my hands. Doctor asked me if I had been in a car crash haha. @RealPaigeWWE protected me fiercely like a goddamn superhero (I think even helped dress me), so I heart her forever.”

– William Regal thanked the NXT UK fans and competitors for making Worlds Collide a success: “Thank you very much from myself and @NXTUK GM @JohnnySaintWWE to all the wonderful fans and world class competitors who gave every ounce of their fighting spirit to make #WorldsCollide an incredible show. #WeAreNXT .”

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