WWE NETWORK: Proposed WCW relaunch in 2001 and WWE PC Combine shows on WWE Network next week

Posted on 5/18/119 by Colin Vassallo

Two very interesting shows are set to air on the WWE Network
next week during Memorial Day weekend on Sunday, May 26.

The first is called WWE PC Combine and its listed to run
for eight hours starting at Noon ET. The PC Combine was
designed to showcase the skills of athletes currently
training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.
It focuses on speed, power, and strengthwith a WWE twist to
boot. Its basically a competition among the athletes on
upper body strength, vertical jumps, powerlifting, and much
more. The eight-hour runtime is also an interesting factor
in its own right!

The second show, airing immediately after the PC Combine at
8PM ET, is titled WWE Untold and will focus on the almost-
relaunch of WCW in 2001. Eric Bischoff and his investors
were on the verge of buying WCW from AOL TimeWarner before
AOL pulled the plug on WCW TV on TNT. The plan was already
there for the Big Bang pay-per-view that was going to reboot
WCW. Eric Bischoff, Booker T, and others who were in WCW at
the time will tell the true story of everything that was

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