WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: The craziness of Raw after Mania tonight from Brooklyn

Posted on 4/08/119 by Colin Vassallo

The Raw after Mania is usually the most memorable Raw of the
year and the International crowd which most of the time
takes over makes it that much more interesting.

Last year, the crowd was on their best behavior, with not
much juvenile antics going on. But who knows what awaits the
show tonight.

What we do know is that #Becky2Belts, the new Raw and
Smackdown Womens champion, will be coming to Brooklyn
carrying the new bling. Its not known yet what will happen
with the two titles and if they will be unified or defended
separately, but tonights broadcast will hopefully shed some
light on the situation. Ronda Rousey is advertised for the
broadcast but with a broken hand and all that, its unclear
if she will be part of the show.

And with Brock Lesnar seemingly gone, the Universal title is
back to being on the show every week. The new champ Seth
Rollins has vowed to be the champion that the WWE Universe

The Raw after Mania also usually consists of a couple of
surprises and call-ups from NXT. Who will be moving to the
main roster permanently? New feuds will kick off, while
others will continue as the road to Money In The Bank starts

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