WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: September 14 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 9/15/120 by Bob Magee

Date: September 14, 2020
Location: Amway Center in Orlando, FL

The Big Takeaway --

The match between Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee ended in a no-
contest after Retribution attacked. If Lee had won the
match, he would have earned a title shot at Clash of
Champions if Randy Orton isnt cleared in time.

Seth Rollins beat Dominik in a cage match, Asuka retained
her title over Mickie James (which had a strange finish),
the Street Profits beat Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura clean,
and Kevin Owens beat Aleister Black with help from
flickering lights. Also, Smackdowns Braun Strowman appeared on Raw

Show Recap --

The show kicked off with thunder sound/video effects.

Michael Cole, Dolph Ziggler and Byron Saxton are tonights
announcers. Cole said Tom Phillips and Samoa Joe were off
this week. (Phillips was off last week, too.)

Drew McIntyre entered. There was a long recap of his angle
with Randy Orton. It was 8:07pm by the time he spoke.

McIntyre knew that Orton intended to do more than fracture
his jaw and Orton should be lucky that he still has his head
after last week. McIntyre was advised to take more time off
but if he did so hed have to surrender the WWE title, which
he wasnt about to do. McIntyre would willingly leave the
arena in an ambulance every week if it meant keeping the

McIntyre proposed that they have an ambulance match for the
title at Clash of Champions because clearly the rules dont
apply to them anymore. McIntyre realized Orton may not make
it to COC because of the most deadly weapon in all of
sports entertainment.

McIntyre recalled coming up with the Claymore kick basically
by accident a few years ago because his pants were too tight
and he didnt want to rip the crotch. McIntyre showed an
awful photoshop of all of his Claymore victims recently
(including Brock Lesnar). It was even worse than the picture
Orton showed a few weeks ago. Adam Pearce came out (and a graphic identified him as a WWE
official). Pearce said Orton may not be able to compete at
COC so if Lee beats McIntyre tonight, and if Orton cant
make it to COC, then Lee will get the title shot instead.
McIntyre wondered who put Pearce in charge.

Lee entered and shook hands with McIntyre. McIntyre was
about to leave but Lee pulled him close. Lee was about to
leave but McIntyre did the same. Then they cut to

(I should mention that they also added fake crowd laughing
when McIntyre showed the photoshopped picture.)

Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits defeated SmackDown
Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura in a non-title
match (9:26)

Montez Ford went for a dive but Cesaro and Nakamura caught
him before dropping him hard on the edge of the barricade,
which looked painful. After a break, we want the smoke
chants played on the speakers.

Angelo Dawkins tagged in and hit Nakamura with clotheslines,
a spinning back elbow and t-bone suplex for two. Cole noted
that Dawkins has lost weight and is quicker now. Nakamura
came back with a sliding German suplex but Dawkins caught
him with a spinebuster.

Ford went for a frog splash but Nakamura got his knees up
which led to a two count. Cesaro used the big swing and
Nakamura hit a dropkick but Dawkins broke up the cover.
Cesaro kicked out of a schoolboy and hit a big uppercut for
a nearfall. He followed with a series of uppercuts in the

Cesaro hit a superplex but Dawkins had made a blind tag.
Dawkins gave Cesaro a frog splash for the pinfall win.
Street Profits win clean. A fine match and it was nice seeing a different matchup.
Feels like its been months since weve seen the Street
Profits face anyone other than Andrade and Angel Garza.

Lana spoke with Garza backstage. Lana thought it was crazy
that Mickie James was getting a title shot when it should be
Natalya instead. Garza started flirting with her but was
quickly interrupted by Zelina Vega and Andrade. Lana left.

Vega wasnt happy with his recent actions. Garza was tired
of being blamed for everything and noted that the golden boy
Andrade was the one who got pinned. Andrade and Garza argued
until Vega interrupted them. She said she couldnt do this
anymore and stormed off. Garza shoved Andrade and they
brawled (and they cut quickly to commercial).

Dominik was shown with his family backstage.

Hurt Business promo

MVP said business was booming and put over each guy.
Alexander said everyone was throwing shade at him on social
media for abandoning his brothers.

Alexander said this was his job and he had to do what he
needed to succeed. The fans didnt know what it was like
being beaten down every week by the three baddest men this
industry has ever seen. Being with Ricochet and Apollo Crews
left him empty and broken.

Ricochet and Crews interrupted. Crews said Alexander sold
them out and was weak-minded. Crews said they always had his
back but Alexander disagreed. Ricochet wasnt going to try
reasoning with him because he knew there was no talking him
out of it. Ricochet said the Hurt Business coming after him
every week was nothing compared to what they would do. Cedric Alexander (w/Hurt Business) defeated Ricochet
(w/Apollo Crews) (8:20)

Early in the match, Crews attacked Benjamin outside the ring
after he tried to interfere. Ivar ran out to attack Bobby
Lashley and they brawled to the back (they have a match

Ricochet hit a nice superkick and dragon suplex. Alexander
avoided a dive and hit a Michinoku Driver for two. Alexander
came right back with a Lumber Check for the pinfall win.

The celebration was quickly interrupted by a Retribution
promo on the screen. They hate the machine and were all bad
for liking the machine. There were initially five
Retribution members on the screen but when the promo was
over, even more members joined. Hurt Business watched their
backs after the promo but nothing happened.

Sarah Schrieber interviewed Mickie James. James loved the
industry and loved that the industry pushed her to be at her
best. High stakes matches like tonights against Asuka
brought out the best in her. It was clear to her that she
always had what it took to be champion and she knew that
tonight could be her last chance to win the title. Good

[Second hour]

Pearce yelled at security backstage. He was approached by
Hurt Business who proposed he updated his security from boys
to men or else he could be out of a job. Pearce accepted and
thanked them for volunteering. They laughed at him for
thinking they were volunteering. MVP said they would send
him a bill.

Asuka defeated Mickie James to retain the Raw Womens
Championship (11:48)

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James was in control early but Asuka took over after a knee
strike got her a two count. Asuka missed a hip attack and
James caught her with a Mick Kick but Asuka fell to the
outside and they went to break.

James used a hurricanrana out of the corner but Asuka
followed with a hip attack. James came back with a flapjack
and used a Thesz press off the turnbuckles for two. They
exchanged strikes which Asuka got the better of after
hitting a spinning back fist. Asuka followed with Yes kicks
but James blocked a shining wizard and applied a single leg

James tried a Boston grab but Asuka countered into a rollup
for two. James followed with a Mick Kick (which looked like
it missed) and only got two after Asuka got a rope break.
They showed a replay of James Mick Kick from before the
break instead of the one she just tried.

Asuka applied an Asuka Lock and James floated over into what
appeared to be a cover. The ref called for the bell as if
James submitted which seemed to catch her completely by
surprise. The announcers were very confused. The ring
announcer said the referee determined that James could not
continue so Asuka was the winner. This was very strange.

Vega entered to confront Asuka as the ref checked on James
outside the ring. Vega was tired of wasting her time
managing two ingrates. She claimed Asuka was handed the belt
by Becky Lynch and called herself one of the best in the
business. Asuka basically laughed in her face so Vega
slapped her. Asuka was about to go after Vega but she

US Champion Bobby Lashley defeated Erik in a non-title match

MVP joined commentary in place of Ziggler. Cole talked about
Ivars injury. MVP took credit for the injury.

Erik hit a few knee strikes for two but Lashley came back
with a spinebuster and Dominator variant for a nearfall.
Lashley applied the Hurt Lock (full nelson) for the
submission win. Schrieber asked Kevin Owens if he knew why Aleister Black
targetted him. Owens said no. Maybe it was something he
said, maybe it was because Hot Topic wouldnt honour his 40%
coupon, or maybe it was because he sat in a dark room for
over a year asking for someone to knock on his door and
almost nobody did.

Owens didnt care why. All he cared about was how he can
inflict enough pain and punishment for Black to run back to
his little hiding spot. He wanted Black to learn what
happens when you pick a fight with him. He told Schrieber he
wasnt worried because Im Kevin Owens. After Owens left,
Black appeared and smirked. Owens was very good here.

Braun Strowman approached Shane McMahon outside of the Raw
Underground room. He warned Shane not to step in the way of
his path of destruction. He wanted Shanes best fighter.
Shane let him in the room and was very excited.

Saxton was beside himself trying to figure out why Strowman
was at Raw Underground. Cole said anyone can show up to

A sheepish Murphy approached Seth Rollins in the locker
room. Rollins was happy to see him. Murphy was ashamed over
what the Mysterio family did to him last week. Rollins
understood and said atonement was part of the process.
Rollins said the steel cage match was the perfect
opportunity to send a lesson.

Rollins had an important role for him. Murphy said he was
ready. Rollins smacked him in the face, grabbed him by the
beard and demanded he stay in the back. Rollins smacked him
again and demanded that he say that he understood. Murphy
said, yes sir.

There was a Kit Kat commercial with R-Truth and Liv Morgan.
Truth spoke to the candy and Morgan took one for herself.

The announcers talked about the Mandy Rose trade. No return
was announced. Dominik told Caruso that he cant back down from any
challenges. Rey said that he and Angie were probably more
concerned than Dominik but they were there for support. Rey
said Rollins was the one that needed to be worried.

MVP is still on commentary, so perhaps Ziggler is done for
the night.

Steel Cage Match: Seth Rollins defeated Dominik Mysterio
(w/Rey, Angie & Aalyah Mysterio) (11:54)

Rollins stopped Dominik from escaping the cage very early in
the match but Dominik came back with a DDT for two. Murphy
appeared and handed Rollins a kendo stick and he used it to
attack Dominik. Rey seemed concerned but didnt immediately
go after Murphy for some reason. They abruptly went to
commercial as Cole was talking.

[Third hour]

Rollins rubbed Dominiks face against the cage but Dominik
fought back and tossed him into the cage. Mysterio handed
Dominik a kendo stick and he used it on Rollins. Dominik
repeatedly tossed Rollins into the cage before hitting a
spinebuster for two. Rollins tried throwing him into the
cage but Dominik held on and started climbing.

Rollins went after him and crotched him. Dominik swept
Rollins leg, so Rollins was also crotched on the top, a
spot that MVP appreciated. Dominik crawled toward the door
as Rey encouraged him but Murphy attacked Rey.

Murphy swung the door at who he thought was Dominik but it
was actually Rollins. Murphy tried climbing the outside of
the cage but Dominik knocked him off. Dominik gave Rollins a
frog splash for two. Dominik tried crawling out but Rollins
caught him and hit a big superplex and falcon arrow for a

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Dominik tried a schoolboy but Rollins kicked out and hit
consecutive curb stomps for the pinfall win. This was good.

Rollins attacked Murphy after the match and swung the cage
door in his face. (Rey slipped into the ring to check on
Dominik.) As Rollins left, he told Angie that he hoped they
did a better job raising Aalyah.

Angie and Aalyah went into the ring to check on Dominik.
Aalyah quickly checked on Murphy right before that.

Raw Underground

Ziggler quickly submitted some guy. Riddick Moss fought him
next. As they fought, Strowman charged in and knocked
Ziggler out of the ring before taking down Moss. Ziggler
tried fighting back but Strowman took him down again.

Caruso interviewed McIntyre. He hoped that Lee would do
everything he can to win the title. He knew Lee was annoyed
that he interfered in his match but noted that he only did
so after Orton gave him an RKO. Lee interrupted. He told
McIntyre that he didnt want him dragging his name and
reputation. Lee recalled beating Orton when McIntyre did not

Lee thought McIntyre was worried about him. McIntyre said he
wasnt afraid and Lee said that he should be. Lee was about
to touch his title belt but McIntyre smacked his hand away
and warned him not to. Lee wouldnt move his hand so
McIntyre punched him in the face. Lee tackled him and this
led to a brawl that was eventually broken up by officials.

Raw Underground Strowman took out some guy before knocking down Moss again.
Titus ONeil jumped in and tackled him but Strowman beat him
up. Shane and an official had to stop him.

Kevin Owens defeated Aleister Black

Black attacked Owens from behind before the match could
start. They went to break and the match was underway when
they returned. Owens seemed fine until Black began
targetting the leg. Black applied a kneebar and Owens really
sold like he might tap but he got a rope break. Owens came
back with a superkick before falling back down.

Owens couldnt stand so Black got ready to set up a Black
Mass. However, he was distracted by the lights flickering so
Owens gave him a stunner for the pinfall win.

MVP wondered if somebody was going to do something about the
lights. Cole reminded him that they offered to stop

Lee found McIntyre in the back and attacked him. They
brawled until Pearce broke them up and threatened to cancel
the match tonight and at COC.

I think Pearce should make a rule that if you interfere in a
match you get fired.

Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan defeated Natalya & Lana (1:15) Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler did commentary. They defend the
tag titles against Ruby and Morgan at COC. Ruby wore black
gear to match Morgan (after Morgan had gear matching Ruby
for a few weeks).

Ruby and Morgan won quickly after Morgan gave Lana a
modified Codebreaker and Ruby followed with a Riott Kick.

After the match, Baszler chucked Natalya into the ring post
and Jax gave Lana a Samoan drop through the announce table.
Read into that what you will.

Raw Underground

Strowman took out some guy before being challenged by Moss
again. Strowman immediately knocked him down with a right
hand. Ziggler jumped in and double-teamed Strowman with
Moss. Strowman beat them both up anyway.

Dabba-Kato stepped in the ring and confronted Strowman but
Shane excitedly said they could fight next week. Im not
sure why they listened to him but they decided not to fight.

Non-title match: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee
ended in a no contest

Cole said there would be an ambulance match at COC for the
title regardless of if it was Orton or Lee. Both McIntyre
and Lee were all-business during their entrances. Lee booted McIntyre in his injured jaw before knocking him
out of the ring. Cole said Lee was in control 35 seconds
into the match as they went to break.

Lee hit him in the jaw again but McIntyre fought back and
did an impressive belly-to-belly suplex followed by a flying
clothesline. Lee blocked a DDT but McIntyre hit a
spinebuster for two. Lee came back with a clothesline for

They fought on the turnbuckles and Lee nailed a superplex
off the second rope for two. After Mcintyre slipped out of a
spirit bomb attempt, they collided with crossbody attempts.

As they got to their feet, Retribution appeared (at least a
dozen members). Lee and McIntyre attacked them but they were
overwhelmed. Retribution beat up both guys as booing played
on the speakers. (The match was just under 10 minutes long.)

The Hurt Business came out onto the stage. They marched down
to the ring and brawled with Retribution.

The show ended with McIntyre and Lee each hitting flip dives
onto the group knocking everyone down.

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