WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: Sasha Banks wins the Raw Womens title from Asuka

Posted on 7/28/120 by Colin Vassallo

Theres a new Raw Womens champion in town and her name is
Sasha Banks! The Legit Boss now matches her partner in crime
Bayley with two title belts.

Banks beat Asuka yesterday on Raw via count out. Usually
titles do not change on count out but the stipulation of
this match was that a winner would be decided even via count
out or disqualification.

Asuka got counted out because Bayley attacked Kairi Sane
backstage and she went to rescue her friend, leaving Banks
in the ring alone for the win.

This is Sashas eighth reign as a champion in WWE, winning
the NXT Womens title once, the Womens Tag Team titles
twice, and the Raw Womens title five times.

Even though she won the Raw Womens title on four other
occasions, her record with the title is not really good and
has only kept it for a combined 82 days over her four
previous reigns. In fact, out of the eight different title
holders of the Raw Womens title, Sasha is sixth in terms of
overall combined days, beating only Bayley and Nia Jax, both
of whom have one title reign each.

Her four title reigns came by beating Charlotte three times
and Alexa Bliss once. Banks first reign was in July 2016
when she beat Charlotte in Pittsburgh during an episode of
Raw. That title reign was only 27 days. She then lost it to
Charlotte at SummerSlam but won it back in October 2016 on
an episode of Raw from Los Angeles, another reign that
lasted 27 days. Losing it to Charlotte again at Hell In A
Cell, Banks regained it in November 2016 during an episode
of Raw from Charlotte in a falls count anywhere match. Her
third reign ended after 20 days, losing it to Charlotte
again at Roadblock in December 2016. Her final title reign
came in August 2017 when she beat Alexa Bliss but she had
the shortest reign with just eight days, losing it to Bliss
again on Raw in Memphis.

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