WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: October 18 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 10/19/121 by Bob Magee

Show Recap --

Charlotte Flair entered. She wondered why there was no
celebration for her last night on Raw and why shed instead
have to defend her title against some rookie like Bianca
Belair. She thought there was a conspiracy against her
considering Belair isnt technically part of Raw yet. People
thought she was entitled when Belair was the one with two
title shots this week.

Charlotte said Belair cant beat her and told her to get to
the back of the line. She went on for a little while longer
until Belair interrupted. Belair got a good reaction.

Belair said this wasnt a conspiracy or favouritism, this
was deserved. Belair would have beaten Charlotte a few weeks
ago if Becky Lynch didnt get involved. Belair said she
wont be a problem for Charlotte soon because, after
tonight, she doesnt even go here anymore. Belair planned on
having both belts in her arms the next time shes on Raw.

Belair asked Charlotte how that sounded so Charlotte
attacked her but Belair ended up knocking her off the apron.


Xavier Woods told Kevin Patrick how important tonight was
because he wanted to follow in the footsteps of such men as
King Mabel, King Ken Shamrock and King Booker.

Kofi Kingston planned on being ringside tonight because they
didnt want Veer and Shanky to get involved as they did in
his match last week. Kingston said it was Woods dream to be
king. Woods said he planned on wearing the crown on
Thursday. Kingston chanted Hail King Woods in the tune of
New Day Rocks.


There was a Seth Rollins video package.

Members of the Sacramento Kings were shown at ringside.

King of the Ring semifinal: Xavier Woods (w/Kofi Kingston)
defeated Jinder Mahal (w/Veer & Shanky) (9:57)

Mahal took control before a break after dropping Woods on
the steel steps. Mahal hit a gutbuster for two and
maintained control until Woods hit a thrust kick before
dropkicking Shanky off the apron.

Woods came off the top but Mahal caught him and hit a
strange-looking Khallas. (Woods was trying to ensure he was
close to the ropes upon landing.) Mahal made the cover but
Woods grabbed the bottom rope.

Woods fought off Mahal and hit an impressive flying elbow
drop for the pinfall win. The crowd was happy. Woods moves
on to the final against Finn Blor. Woods put on the robe
after the match (but not the crown).


Sarah Schreiber was interviewing Austin Theory when they
were quickly interrupted by Reginald running away from Akira
Tozawa, Drew Gulak and Drake Maverick. Reginald circled back
around toward Theory where R-Truth was waiting for him.
Before anything could happen, Theory split them because he
was annoyed. Truth did some comedy which led to a match
being made.

There was a video package for Bobby Lashley vs. Goldberg.
There will be some sort of no holds barred interview
between the two men tonight.

Austin Theory defeated Jeff Hardy (7:06)

It was supposed to be Theory against Truth, but Truth
entered and informed Theory that he didnt accept the match
for himself, he accepted it for his friend Jeff Hardy.

Theory hit a neckbreaker off the apron to the outside which
led to break. Hardy mounted a comeback until Theory knocked
him off and hit his finisher for the pinfall win. (The crowd
seemed caught off guard because his finisher isnt over.)

Theory took a selfie over Hardys body and continued to
celebrate until Hardy popped to his feet and laid out Theory
with a Twist of Fate. Hardy used Theorys phone to take a


Drew McIntyre approached Big E at Gorilla position. They
basically tried reasoning with each other after getting into
it last week. Big E suggested they tried coexisting before
beating each other up on Thursday. Big E said, may the best
man win, and McIntyre responded, I will. Big E did his
big introduction on the microphone while staring at

Elsewhere, Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville were talking in
their office until Charlotte interrupted. Charlotte
complained about having to defend her title and again
suggested there was a conspiracy. Deville assured her that
was not the case.

(It was odd seeing Deville just having a normal meeting with
Pearce after what she did to Naomi on Smackdown a few days
ago. Its like it didnt happen.)

[Second Hour]

WWE Champion Big E & Drew McIntyre defeated Dolph Ziggler &
Robert Roode (12:50)

Ziggler tried a Fameasser on the outside but Big E hoisted
him over the barricade into the timekeepers area. The
distraction allowed Roode to chuck Big E into the steel
steps. McIntyre tried encouraging Big E as they went to

The heels continued to work over Big E as Corey Graves
suggested that McIntyre wasnt helping because he wanted Big
E softened up for Thursday. Big E finally did fight off
Ziggler and tagged in McIntyre who suplexed Roode and
Ziggler. McIntyre gave Roode a neckbreaker before giving
Ziggler a reverse Alabama Slam on top of Roode.

Ziggler yanked Big E off the apron and the distraction
allowed Roode to give McIntyre a spinebuster. Roode hoisted
Ziggler in the air for an elevated Fameasser for two.
Ziggler missed a Stinger splash and McIntyre headbutted

Big E hopped back on the apron, McIntyre tagged him in and
he hit a Big Ending for the pinfall win.

Big E couldnt celebrate for long because McIntyre grabbed
him and offered a handshake. Big E shook his hand as they
spoke about Thursday. McIntyre was about to leave but Big E
grabbed him and they continued to talk trash.


The Street Profits did a backstage promo. They spoke about
being back on Raw and the match between RK-Bro and AJ Styles
and Omos. They claimed Omos was the one doing all the work
for their team.

Styles and Omos happened to be nearby and they interrupted.
Styles said they would be the new champs after Thursday and
if the Street Profits gave RK-Bro enough of a beating
tonight, maybe they would be at the top of the list of new
challengers. The Street Profits laughed in Styles face.


There was a Kevin Owens video package.

Mansoor defeated Cedric Alexander (w/Shelton Benjamin)

They had a nice match for the time they had and Mansoor won
with a slingshot neckbreaker.

Mustafa Ali entered and issued a warning to Mansoor for
Thursday. Mansoor told him to shut up and cut a passionate
promo saying he would prove Ali was a pathetic excuse of a
man. Ali acted like he was caught off guard by Mansoors
sudden confidence.


Naomi, The Miz, Maryse, and Drew McIntyre will be guests on
Top Chef: Family Style on Peacock.

Bobby Lashley/Goldberg interview

The interview took place with each man appearing on video in
separate rooms. Goldberg threatened Lashley who pointed out
that his threats were criminal and he was doing it on live
TV. Lashley was going to let Goldberg talk because Lashley
was untouchable in the ring. Lashley wondered what
Goldbergs son would tell his friends.

Goldberg warned him that the more he says about his family,
the more hell make him suffer. Lashley said Goldberg can
only hope to survive and he would be begging him for
forgiveness. Goldberg wondered if Lashley even believed what
he was saying. Lashley took off his mic and left. Goldbergs
last line was Safe travels. Kill ya Thursday, Bobby.


Riddle spoke to Randy Orton in the back. He was impressed
that Orton pretended not to have a plan last week and was
worried for a moment that Orton wouldnt save him. Orton
assured him that he did not have a plan. Riddle didnt
believe him. Riddle said the Street Profits saying they want
the smoke gave him a lot of ideas. Orton cut him off and
said he did have a plan: to win tonight and win on Thursday.
Riddle was pumped.

There was a video package for Keith Bearcat Lee. The graphic
said Bearcat Lee but Graves still called him Keith. (They
added a roaring noise to the end of the video package. I
think it was a bear.)

Non-title match: Raw Tag Team Champions Randy Orton & Riddle
defeated The Street Profits via DQ (10:23)

Riddle wiped out Angelo Dawkins with a dive before Montez
Ford wiped out both Riddle and Orton with a big flip dive.
This led to break.

Orton knocked down Ford with a clothesline and Riddle
followed with a spinning gutwrench slam (which could become
a new regular spot for Riddle even Orton was impressed).
Dawkins tagged in and ran wild on Riddle, hitting a double
underhook neckbreaker for two. Orton made a hot tag and gave
Ford a draping DDT.

Orton set up for an RKO but was distracted by Styles music.
Orton looked to the stage to see Omos but turned around and
ate a Phenomenal forearm by Styles for the DQ. Styles and
Omos laid out both teams as the crowd booed. Orton got back
to his feet so Omos knocked him down with his infamous
roundhouse kick.

They were having a fun match before the finish.

(They crossed into the third hour during this match.)


There was a Becky Lynch video package.

Doudrop did another cringy pre-taped promo. Zelina Vega
entered to watch from the stage. She put on the crown.

Queens Crown semifinal: Doudrop defeated Shayna Baszler

I rounded up to get the match time to 2:47.

Baszler used kicks until Doudrop nailed a back suplex and
followed with a cannonball. Baszler applied the Kirifuda
Clutch but Doudrop managed to escape. She tried a running
crossbody but Baszler avoided it and applied the submission
again. The move was in for a while until Doudrop fell back
into a cover for the pinfall win. Baszler was stunned.


Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripley approached Belair in the back to
welcome her to Raw. Nikki gave her a red Raw-branded
baseball hat.


Finn Blor defeated Mace (2:45)

Blor won a nothing match with the Coup de Grace.

Xavier Woods was watching from the platform on the stage and
mocked Blors entrance as his music played after the match.
Blor was unamused. Woods pointed the scepter at him so
Blor yanked it away which caused him to trip off the
platform (he landed on his feet). They got in each others
faces as Kingston came out to make sure nothing happened.
They talked about Thursday. (Woods did most of the talking.)
This bit was good.


John Morrison was meditating backstage when he was once
again rudely interrupted, this time by the Viking Raiders.
They did some comedy until the Raiders left and Morrison
returned to meditating.


The announcers ran down Thursdays card.

Raw Womens Championship: Bianca Belair defeated Charlotte
Flair via DQ (21:45)

Belair had the early edge until Charlotte yanked her out of
the ring and chucked her over the announce table which led
to break two minutes into the match.

Belair was actually on offense after the break until
Charlotte cut her off and hit a back suplex. Charlotte tried
to do Belairs handspring moonsault but Belair got her knees
up and did the move herself. Belair followed with a delayed
vertical suplex for two. Belair tried a splash but Charlotte
got her knees up and followed with a deadlift powerbomb for

Charlotte (who was bleeding from the mouth) hit a moonsault
for two. A series of counters led to Belair hitting a
spinebuster but Charlotte rolled out of the ring. Charlotte
wouldnt get back in the ring so Belair went after her and
chucked her over the announce table which led to break.

During the break, Charlotte hit a slingshot dive and a
series of counters after the break led to Charlotte hitting
(missing) a boot. Charlotte knocked Belair out of the ring
and hit a moonsault off the top. She tried Natural Selection
but Belair countered into a backslide for two.

They exchanged counters again until Charlotte hit a spear
for a nearfall. Charlotte yanked Belair to the corner using
her braid. Charlotte missed a moonsault and Belair hit a
release German suplex for a nearfall. They battled on the
top turnbuckle until Belair hit a sunset flip powerbomb.

Charlotte suddenly hit Belair with a chair for the DQ,
bringing this match to a screeching halt. Belair grabbed the
chair and hit Charlotte.

This was a pretty good match until the finish. The crowd was
really into it but it was hard to tell how they liked the
finish because they abruptly went off the air.

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