Posted on 5/14/119 by Bob Magee

It's that magical time of the year, when WWE travels to
Europe and we get some information in advance which helps us
decide if we want to spend three hours with Raw on a Monday

Team Red is in Londons O2 Arena for the May 13 Raw. Thanks
to the five hour time difference between the United Kingdom
and the East coast of the U.S. of A., that means advance
reports about what goes down on a show which is scheduled to
feature Becky Two Belts signing contracts for her upcoming
title defenses against Lacey Evans & Charlotte Flair, Roman
Reigns appearing on Miz TV, the final build for this
Sundays Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV), and more.

We'll still be watching along with our usual live blog,
which will of course cover any segments not shown to the
fans in attendance, but more importantly feature Rev. Claire
Elizabeths unmatched play-by-play. You can join the fun at
8PM Eastern here.

Unwrap that present early:

Main Event taping

- Titus ONeil def. EC3

- The Revival def. Lucha House Party

Raw taping

- An international edition of Miz TV kicks us off. He
briefly hypes his match with Shane McMahon this Sunday along
with the ladder matches, then welcomes his guest, Roman
Reigns. Elias cuts The Big Dog off, but Reigns runs down his
Money in the Bank opponent by calling him a wedding singer,
etc. Miz speaks passionately about his rematch with Shane,
which brings out McMahon. Bobby Lashley and Elias jump the
babyfaces, and Shane books a tag match.

- Miz & Roman Reigns def. Elias & Bobby Lashley via DQ when
Shane McMahon interferes to keep Miz from tagging Roman.
Reigns takes out McMahon. - Backstage shot of Seth Rollins and video package hyping
his Universal title defense against AJ Styles this Sunday.

- Braun Strowman meets with Shane McMahon and learns he has
a match with Sami Zayn tonight. If Sami wins, he takes
Strowmans spot in the ladder match this weekend.

- Mojo Rawley def. Apollo Crews in a quick match

- Nikki Cross is backstage as Alexa Bliss struggles with
baggage issues. Cross is completely calm and composed. Matty
Paddock of The Independent describes it as hugely
unnerving. Because of Bliss luggage trouble, Nikki is
replacing her in tonights 4Way.

- For WWEs return to the UK in November, Raw will tape in
Glasgow and SmackDown in Manchester.

- Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Lacey Evans are out for the
Womens title contract signings. The crowd is said to be hot
for The Man. Lynch runs them both down as dopes, saying
Evans cant afford to lose her first title shot, and
Charlotte cant afford to lose her millionth. O2 Arena
crowd WHAT?s Flair, but she isnt flustered. Things break
down, and the challengers end up putting Becky Two Belts
through a table.

- Baron Corbin def. Ricochet via pinfall following End of
Days. Described as a clean win. Afterwards, Corbin grabs a
ladder and climbs it, cause reasons (there are briefcases
hung there as part of the set). The One And Only shoves him.

- Backstage scene where Cesaro jokes that Dominick looks
like Samoa Joe leads to a brawl between Rey Mysterio and the
Swiss Superman.

- AJ Styles promos from backstage about his Universal title
shot at Money in the Bank, then the ladies make their

- Nikki Cross def. Natalya vs. Naomi vs. Dana Brooke. In the
ring, Cross is her old Scottish Psycho self. Folks shouted
out a spot where Brooke jumped off a ladder to crossbody her
opponents as being noteworthy. Nikki and Alexa set up a
ladder and Cross helps Bliss claim a briefcase hanging

- Samoa Joe says hes looking forward to seeing Dominick on

- Rey Mysterio def. Cesaro in what was unsurprisingly
described as a standout match.

- Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson cut a promo backstage, calling
out The Usos and vowing that the embarrassment of The
Revival stops.

- Firefly Funhouse airs. Bray reveals his secret, which
involves a demonic clown facepaint look. He says hes
learned to harness it. It looks to be setting up Bray
Wyatts in-ring return.

- Seth Rollins gets a backstage interview talking about his
match with Styles this Sunday.

- Sami Zayn def. Braun Strowman to take his spot in Sundays
mens Money in the Bank ladder match. They brawled into the
crowd, and Baron Corbin joined in to try and help Sami beat
the Monster. Drew McIntyre also gets involved, DDTing
Strowman onto a chair, but he still wont stay down for a
three count. They eventually overwhelm him though, and allow
Zayn to get the pin.

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