WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: July 26 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 7/27/121 by Bob Magee

Date: July 26, 2021
Location: T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, MO

The Big Takeaway --

AJ Styles and Omos retained their tag titles over the Viking
Raiders, Damian Priest beat Sheamus in a non-title match,
Karrion Kross beat Keith Lee, and Charlotte Flair beat Nikki
ASH in a non-title main event. Charlotte laid out Nikki to
close the show.

Among those absent from Raw tonight: John Cena, Randy Orton,
Asuka, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Jaxson Ryker, Alexa
Bliss, Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Ricochet, and Goldberg.Show Recap --

There was a recap of last weeks Womens title match and the
cash-in by Nikki ASH.

Nikki came out to start the show. She high-fived and hugged
young fans on the way to the ring. The crowd chanted Nikki
and she proudly held up the belt.

Ive always wanted to say this: Welcome to Monday Night
Raw! Nikki was happy they were all together and she was now
their Raw Womens champion. The crowd chanted you deserve
it. She spoke about this being a dream come true.

She never used to have the confidence she needed to reach
the top because she was afraid to fail. She suddenly
realized that if she failed, she failed, and it didnt have
to be a big deal. Her new outfit gave her confidence and she
wanted to remind everyone that no matter what, you can
overcome the odds if you believe in yourself. We can all
almost be superheroes.

Charlotte Flair interrupted. Charlotte called Nikki a
disgrace as champion and wondered how she could possibly
represent the company dressed the way she does. She couldnt
imagine Nikki on the Today show with Al Roker who wouldnt
believe that she was champion. The crowd booed as Charlotte
continued to rant. She blamed Rhea Ripley on what happened.

Charlotte also noted that she hadnt even gotten to her feet
yet when the match started and accused Nikki of stealing her
title. Charlotte wanted a rematch at SummerSlam where Nikki
would bow down to the real champion. The crowd booed. She
said this injustice wasnt even Nikkis fault, it was the

Charlotte said the same things heels always say about the
fans until Rhea Ripley interrupted. Ripley got a good
reaction. She didnt think people were jealous of someone
who was champion for one day. She also noted that Charlotte
got herself disqualified because she knew she was about to
lose. Ripley thought she should be the one getting the shot
at SummerSlam. Nikki wondered why either of them thought they would beat
her. Nikki said the butterfly on her gear represented a
metamorphosis and she represented change in the division.
(The crowd cheered Nikki but some fans are booing whenever
she mentions her gear.) Charlotte and Ripley argued and
Charlotte referenced Nikkis super Marvel outfit.

Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce entered. Deville made a triple
threat match at SummerSlam. Charlotte thought that was dumb.
She wanted a (non-title) singles match against Nikki tonight
and Nikki accepted. Pearce made it official. Charlotte
attacked Ripley and knocked her out of the ring before Nikki
dropkicked Charlotte out of the ring as well.

Earlier today, Damian Priest said Sheamus didnt deserve to
be champion. Sheamus made excuses and attacked people from
behind. Priest planned on showing him why he deserved to be

(Jimmy Smith said wed see Priest against a returning
Sheamus next, even though Sheamus hasnt gone anywhere.)

Damian Priest defeated US Champion Sheamus in a non-title
match (10:08)

In case you missed it last week, theyre referring to a non-
title match like this one as a championship contenders

Priest psyched out Sheamus with a fake dive but it didnt
matter because Priest went for a spinning heel kick instead
and Sheamus simply caught him and dropped him on the apron,
which sent us to break two minutes into the match.

Sheamus was in control until Priest fought back with a
clothesline and a spinning heel kick that knocked Sheamus
face mask right off (which popped the crowd). Sheamus went
to the top but Priest grabbed him and brought him down with
a big chokeslam for a nearfall. Sheamus came back with an
Alabama Slam for two. Sheamus went for a cloverleaf but Priest kicked him
repeatedly in the chest. They had a strike exchange that led
to a knee strike for a close nearfall. Sheamus tried
pounding Priests chest but Priest came back with a kick and
Hit the Lights for the pinfall win. The crowd was into the

AJ Styles & Omos defeated The Viking Raiders to retain the
Raw Tag Team Championships (9:30)

(This was the second straight week that Styles and Omos did
not get an entrance, which is strange. Perhaps they dont
want us seeing the crowd popping for the heels.)

Erik and Ivar hit Styles with a flurry of offense and worked
extra hard to knock Omos off the apron. They gave Styles the
Viking Experience but Omos yanked Erik out of the ring to
break up the cover. Omos destroyed both Erik and Ivar which
sent us to break barely 90 seconds into this title match.

Erik bested Styles in a strike exchange and tagged in Ivar
who dodged a Phenomenal forearm and clobbered Styles with a
clothesline. Styles came back with a tornado DDT for two.
Erik and Ivar double-teamed Styles before Ivar went to the
outside to hold Omos by his leg. Erik gave Styles a knee
strike for a close nearfall as Omos managed to break free of

Styles tagged in Omos who gave Erik a delayed scoop slam
before chucking Ivar from the ring. Omos gave Erik a tree
slam, Styles tagged in and hit a springboard 450 for the
pinfall win. Styles and Omos retain. This was fun.

[Second hour]

Jinder Mahal cut a promo before the upcoming match. Mahal
was disgusted that the crowd cheered as Drew McIntyre
clobbered Shanky with a chair last week. He wanted McIntyre
to apologize. When McIntyre didnt respond, Mahal said he
brought his lawyer with him and they planned on suing. Mahal
gave him one more chance to apologize. McIntyre told him to shut up. He asked the crowd if he
should apologize and buy them a steak dinner. They booed. He
asked if he should beat Veer within an inch of his life.
They cheered. McIntyre led the crowd in a Drew is gonna
kill you chant (directed toward Mahal) and the crowd was
happy to oblige.

Drew McIntyre vs. Veer (w/Jinder Mahal) ended in a DQ (3:50)

Veer got some offense but Mahal was getting desperate so he
slid Veer a chair. McIntyre Claymore kicked the chair into
his face and the referee called for a DQ. McIntyre also gave
the lawyer a Claymore kick as Mahal and Veer watched from
the stage.

They awarded McIntyre the win because Mahal was the one who
handed Veer the chair to use. However, seconds later, Corey
Graves said that Veer was getting a DQ win in the record

They actually replayed Eva Marie tripping in Alexas
Playground last week.

Eva Marie told Doudrop not to worry about last week because
if they won tonight, theyd be closer to the tag team

Tomorrow on NXT: Can anything stop Karrion Kross reign of

Tag Team Champions Natalya & Tamina defeated Eva Marie &
Doudrop in a non-title match (3:13) Doudrop knocked down Tamina with a crossbody but instead of
going for a cover, she tagged in Marie so she could make the
cover instead and Tamina kicked out. A Lilly-lution video
suddenly played on the screen, which was a parody of the
Marie return videos featuring Bliss doll. Marie was
distracted by the video, so Tamina superkicked her for the
pinfall win.

Unfortunately, Natalya appeared to hurt her leg (during an
exchange with Doudrop). Medical staff assisted her on the
outside and Tamina helped her to the back after the match.

NXT Champion Karrion Kross defeated Keith Lee (8:53)

Kross couldnt suplex Lee, so Lee suplexed Kross and knocked
him down with a shoulder tackle. However, Kross drove Lee
into the side of the ring and suplexed him on the outside
which led to break just 70 seconds into the match. (After
the break, Smith let us know that this match has lived up to
the hype even though weve barely seen a minute of

Lee tried fighting back but Kross hit a DDT for two. Lee
fought out of a Kross Jacket (sleeper hold) and followed
with a clothesline, strikes, a headbutt, and running
shoulder tackle. Lee tried setting up for a Spirit Bomb but
Kross slipped out and hit a Saito suplex.

Kross put Lee in the Kross Jacket and Lee struggled for a
bit before tapping out. Kross wins by submission. The crowd
seemed to like Lee.

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Nikki about her match tonight.
Nikki said she was no longer afraid to fail. She wanted all
the little boys and girls to know that the hardest
challenges were worth fighting for. She knew that no matter
what happened tonight, shed be defending the title at
SummerSlam. Ripley showed up. Ripley planned on winning at
SummerSlam but also wanted to see Nikki give Charlotte hell

Mansoor & Mustafa Ali defeated Mace & T-Bar (3:11) Mace and T-Bar did a pre-taped promo where they said little
teams like Mansoor and Ali existed to feed them (they lost
to Lucha House Party a few weeks ago). There was a separate
segment where Mansoor wanted to gameplan with Ali but Ali
told him to just follow his lead.

Mace and T-Bar dominated Ali and Mansoor had to save him
from being pinned. Mansoor distracted T-Bar long enough to
allow Ali to come back with a spinning kick. Mansoor tagged
in and hit Mace with a reverse DDT but T-Bar broke up the
cover. Ali saved Mansoor by wiping out T-Bar with a tornado
DDT to the outside, which was cool.

Mansoor saved Ali from being attacked by Mace, then Mansoor
rolled up Mace in the ring for the pinfall win. Ali acted
surprised. Mansoor raised Alis hand in celebration. Ali
wasnt as enthused as Mansoor but did seem impressed.

(If youre wondering, the announcers did acknowledge Alis
time with Mace and T-Bar in Retribution.)

[Third hour]

Bobby Lashley responds to Goldberg

MVP spoke about Goldberg disrespecting Lashley as the crowd
chanted for Goldberg. Lashley didnt plan on dignifying
Goldberg with a response. He said this ring belonged to him.

Cedric Alexander interrupted. Alexander said Lashley
disrespected him by kicking him out of the Hurt Business.
Alexander claimed Lashley did so because Lashley knew he was
better. He wanted an opportunity against Lashley. Shelton Benjamin interrupted. Benjamin noted how annoying
Alexanders voice was (the crowd laughed). Benjamin wasnt
here to complain about the Hurt Business, he wanted to give
Lashley a real challenge. As they argued, MVP told them they
didnt have time for this.

Lashley grabbed the mic and said hed take them both on at
the same time.

1-on-2 handicap match: WWE Champion Bobby Lashley defeated
Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin (2:42)

Lashley was in control until Benjamin and Alexander started
working together. That didnt last long, though, because
Lashley gave Alexander a spinebuster and speared Benjamin.
He gave Benjamin a jackhammer and gave Alexander a Dominator
on top of Benjamin. He pinned them both at the same time for
the win.

AJ Styles approached Miz and John Morrison with a proposal.
Omos blocked the camera so we couldnt see anything.

John Morrison (w/The Miz) defeated Riddle (9:53)

Miz sprayed Riddle with the drip stick and Morrison used the
distraction for a schoolboy but Riddle kicked out and hit a
knee strike. Riddle then knocked down Miz with a PK. Miz
again acted like a turtle that couldnt get up and Riddle
mocked him by doing the same.

Back from break, Riddle knocked down Morrison with a
springboard dive. Styles and Omos sauntered down at this
point. Morrison used a couple of kicks for two but Riddle
came back with a powerbomb and knee strike for two. Riddle began climbing the ropes but was distracted by Styles
grabbing his scooter. Omos snapped the scooter in half and
Riddle was very upset. The distraction allowed Morrison to
slam Riddle and hit Starship Pain for the pinfall win.

Styles laid out Riddle with a Styles Clash after the match.
The crowd chanted for Randy Orton but he didnt show.

Reginald defeated R-Truth to retain the 24/7 Championship

Truth was micd up for the match. Reginald decided to
compete in a full suit. They did a lot of comedy, obviously,
but the crowd wasnt laughing. Reginald eventually managed
to do a flip into a cradle for the pinfall win.

The 24/7 crew (including Humberto Carrillo) ran down after
the match but Reginald flipped over the group and over the
top rope to escape the ring and they all just looked baffled
instead of going after him.

Charlotte Flair defeated Raw Womens Champion Nikki A.S.H.
in a non-title match (12:34)

This was still considered a championship contenders match
even though Charlotte was already granted a title match at
SummerSlam regardless of this outcome.

Charlotte was in full control and at times was not taking
Nikki seriously. Nikki came back after a break with a
crossbody to the outside, followed by a crossbody in the
ring, a clothesline and running bulldog for two. Charlotte followed with chops but Nikki came back with a
tornado DDT. Nikki tried a flying crossbody (which is how
she won last week) but Charlotte rolled through into a cover
for the pinfall win.

Kevin Patrick tried interviewing Charlotte after the match
but she took the opportunity to mock Nikki instead. She said
no one was in her league.

Nikki admitted that she lost. She said she was almost a
superhero, and I showed myself that I almost could have
won. (Yikes.) Nikki was confident she could beat Charlotte.
She challenged her to a rematch next week. Charlotte

Charlotte gave Nikki a cheapshot and laid her out with a big
boot. Charlotte dragged Nikki in front of a young fan who
held up a Nikki A.S.H. sign and chopped Nikki before
knocking her down again with a big boot.

This was no good.

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