WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: December 6 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 12/07/121 by Bob Magee

Show Recap --

Seth Rollins welcomed us to Raw with a backstage promo. He
looked forward to watching Big E and Kevin Owens rip each
other apart inside the steel cage before he wins the WWE
Championship at Day 1.

They cut to Big E where he warned Owens that there were no
shortcuts tonight and he would get punished.

Elsewhere, Owens accused Big E of being a liar because the
WWE title didnt belong to Big E, it belonged to him. Owens
would win the title at Day 1 and everyone would rejoice.

Non-title steel cage match: WWE Champion Big E defeated
Kevin Owens (20:06)

Owens repeatedly tried to leave but Big E stopped him and
took control. However, Owens dodged a charge and Big E went
straight into the cage which sent us to commercial break
(three minutes into the match and ten minutes into the

Owens tried leaving but Big E stopped him, so Owens
responded with a moonsault off the top rope for a two count.
Big E drove Owens into the side of the cage for two. Big E
tried to leave through the door (despite saying he wanted to
punish Owens) but Owens stopped him. They battled on the top
rope before Owens hit a sunset flip powerbomb for two.

Big E fired back with belly-to-belly suplexes but Owens
responded with a superkick and a cannonball for two. Owens
applied a Boston Crab (or, yes, a Walls of Jericho) but Big
E dragged himself toward the door. As they got close to the
exit, Rollins appeared and slammed the door which knocked
down both men.

After a second break, Big E again stopped Owens from leaving
but Owens raked his eyes before hitting a frog splash for
two. Big E came back with an STO for two. Big E blocked a
stunner but ran right into a pop-up powerbomb by Owens for

Big E blocked Owens from leaving again and hit a (very) Big
Ending off the middle rope. Owens tried to stop Big E from
escaping through the door but Big E managed to crawl out for
the win.

It was hard to get into this initially with nothing on the
line but wound up being quite good and the crowd really got
into it by the end.


Rollins attacked Big E as he celebrated before going after
Owens. However, Big E gave Rollins an overhead suplex and
laid out Owens with another Big Ending.

Bobby Lashley ran out and laid out all three guys during a
commercial break and they showed us replays. The announcers
speculated that Lashley wants in the title picture.


They announced a tournament to determine the next
challengers for RK-Bro. The tournament has four teams.


Tag Team Champion Queen Zelina (w/Carmella) defeated Nikki
ASH (w/Rhea Ripley) (2:02)

Zelina won clean with a Code Red.

There was nothing to this. (Aside from everyone calling
Nikki ASH a weak link before she lost again.)


Riddle and Randy Orton spoke in the back. Riddle wanted to
ensure that were calling the tournament an RK-Bro-nament.
Riddle was dressed in a fake tuxedo shirt and a tan blazer
(like an old WWF announcer). He was dressed that way because
he and Orton would be special correspondents for the
tournament. Orton said he didnt agree to that.

Riddle also had a blazer for Orton and said everyone wanted
him to wear it (the crowd cheered). Orton was obviously
displeased but he begrudgingly agreed to wear it.


Ripley consoled Nikki in the back when a fan seemingly
approached Nikki for an autograph because she was her
favourite. Nikki was happy to oblige, but the fan was
actually referring to someone else. The camera panned over
to reveal Jerry Lawler, who got a real big reaction here in
Memphis. Lawler happily gave the fan an autograph. Ripley
was annoyed at Lawler.


The Street Profits defeated AJ Styles & Omos via count-out

Riddle was on commentary and said hed love to face Dominik
and Rey Mysterio. He appreciated the father-son duo and said
that he and Orton have a similar dynamic.

They went to break 90 seconds into the match.

[Second Hour]

Styles and Omos were in control until Montez Ford made a hot
tag. There was a funny spot where he ripped off his glove
before smacking Omos. This pissed off Omos but Angelo
Dawkins assisted Ford in knocking him off the apron. Styles
went after Ford, giving him a Pel Kick and brainbuster.

Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm but Omos tagged
himself in. Dawkins dropped Styles from the apron so Omos
knocked down Dawkins. As Omos went after Dawkins again,
Styles alerted Omos that he was on the verge of getting
counted out. Omos couldnt get back in on time so he was
indeed counted out. Street Profits advance.


Styles tried to tell Omos that he needed to listen to him so
Omos just walked out on him.

Riddle did an unfunny bit where he tried interviewing Styles
but Styles wasnt interested. Styles threatened Riddle
before deciding to leave. Riddle asked Orton if he wanted to
add anything. Orton grabbed the mic and said, nope, which
got a laugh from the crowd.


Sarah Schreiber interviewed Becky Lynch. She said nobody
really wanted Liv Morgan to win. The fans like you when you
do well, but if you do too well, they turn on you. Lynch
said it would be just another Monday for her.


Orton told Riddle that his broadcasting career was over
for now. He gave back the blazer.


Damian Priest defeated Robert Roode (w/Dolph Ziggler) to
retain the United States Championship (9:37)

Ziggler distracted Priest which allowed Roode to shove him
into the steel steps before knocking him over the barricade.
After a break, Roode hit a blockbuster for two. Priest
fought back and hit a broken arrow for two but Roode
responded with a backstabber for two. Priest used a series
of strikes but Roode nailed a spinebuster for two.

They traded counters until Priest hit Reckoning for the
pinfall win.

This match was fine. Im glad Priest won without turning
into a cartoon character first.

Ziggler superkicked Priest after the match.


There was a This Week in WWE History segment where they
showed Lita beating Trish Stratus for the Womens title in
the Raw main event in North Carolina. They also showed that
Liv Morgan received a good luck text from Stratus today.


Doudrop attacked Belair before their upcoming match. Belair
got to her feet and waited patiently through a long
commercial break for the match to start.

Bianca Belair defeated Doudrop via count-out (12:58)

Doudrop controlled the match through a break. Belair fought
back and hit a spinebuster and flying crossbody for a
nearfall. Belair tried a sunset flip but Doudrop sat down on
her and hit a Vader Bomb for a nearfall.

Belair avoided a cannonball and tried hoisting Doudrop on
her shoulders for the KOD (which got the crowd buzzing) but
she couldnt quite do it. Doudrop fell, rolled out of the
ring, and walked to the back for the count-out.

This was getting good toward the end and the crowd was
getting into it and they probably wouldve popped big for a
Belair win but they got their second count-out of the
evening instead.


Austin Theory joined Vince McMahon in his office again.
Basically, Theory hasnt learned any lessons from last week
and McMahon was annoyed.

[Third Hour]

MizTV with guest Edge

Miz said Maryse wasnt here tonight because she doesnt
visit places like Memphis. Miz re-watched his segment with
Edge last week and couldnt believe he received a compliment
from him. He wondered if Edge was just a shell of his former

Edge entered. Edge meant what he said last week. Miz asked
if the Rated R Superstar has lost his edge. Miz thought
the old Edge would have speared him out of his $9,000 shoes
last week but instead, he just sounded old. Edge mocked him
for spending that much on shoes and warned Miz not to
mistake his kindness for weakness.

Miz said he could have used his kindness years ago when he
was kicked out of the locker room. Edge was too busy
protecting his spot instead of helping someone who clearly
had the it factor. Miz didnt want or need his kindness

Edge told Miz not to paint him with that brush. In fact, it
was in this arena that Edge pulled Miz aside and told him
that he did have something but Miz brushed him off. Edge
went through the same things Miz did earlier in his career
but the difference between them was that Edge didnt enter
the locker room thinking he deserved better.

Edge looked forward to wrestling new talent and wasnt
interested in holding people down. Edge called him an ass.
Miz said he has surpassed Edge and would kick off the new
year by beating him at Day 1. Edge accepted his challenge.

Edge challenged him to a fight right now but Miz of course
said no. Miz was about to go on another diatribe but Edge
psyched him out like he was going to attack and Miz fell on
his ass.


Schreiber interviewed Liv Morgan. She thought Lynch was
afraid because everyone actually did want to see her win.
Lynch was used to getting what she wants but Morgan planned
on doing everything it took to get what she wanted and what
she wanted was the Raw Womens title.

Veer Mahaan is coming.


Dominik & Rey Mysterio defeated Alpha Academy (3:15)

Dominik and Chad Gable actually worked the entire match.
Gable missed a moonsault and Dominik caught him in a rollup
for the pinfall win. Dominik and Rey advance to face the
Street Profits.

Riddle tried interviewing Alpha Academy but Otis slammed


McMahon informed Theory, who was doing jumping jacks, that
he was unable to get him a match tonight so hell have to
find another way to impress him. Theory decided to unzip his
shirt before resuming jumping jacks. McMahon told him to
stop and try something else. He suggested Theory use his
brain. Theory scampered off.


Finn Blor defeated T-Bar (3:38)

T-Bar controlled most of this but Blor won with the Coup de
Grace. The crowd liked Blor.

Austin Theory attacked Blor post-match and laid him out
with the ATL. Theory took selfies.


R-Truth and Akira Tozawa were in disguise and surprised 24/7
Champion Dana Brooke, but they didnt attack her because
Truth wasnt sure it was PG (which was a funny line). They
warned her that they could have had her, but they let her
go. Reggie spoke to Brooke but they were interrupted when
Tamina chased after her.


Patrick asked MVP and Lashley why Lashley attacked Big E,
Rollins and Owens. MVP told Patrick that people nowadays are
too afraid of disrespecting others because theyre afraid of
the consequences but Lashley wasnt. Lashley said those
men faced the consequences for trying to have a WWE title
match without him.


There was a Liv Morgan video package featuring clips from
the feature they did on her a little while ago on the

(Lynch entered, they went to commercial, did the MVP/Lashley
segment, aired the Morgan video package, Morgan entered, and
they went to commercial again.)


Becky Lynch defeated Liv Morgan to retain the Raw Womens
Championship (14:49)

They traded counters and cradles until Lynch just decked
Morgan with a right hand. Morgan came back with a missile
dropkick but Lynch sent her to the outside with a thrust
kick. Morgan nailed a Codebreaker before hitting a suicide
dive. Lynch responded with a superplex which led to break.

Lynch hit a leg drop as Morgan was draped over the middle
rope for a two count. Lynch became frustrated that she
wasnt able to put Morgan away yet. Morgan fought back with
right hands but Lynch followed with a reverse DDT for two.
Morgan went to the top but Lynch yanked her off, causing her
to land neck first on the buckle.

Morgan managed to hit an enziguri and both women went down.
Morgan fired up and hit a Codebreaker off the ropes for two.
Morgan sent Lynch to the apron before stomping away at her
and Morgan followed with another missile dropkick for two.

Morgan immediately applied a Rings of Saturn. Lynch
countered into a Disarmer but Morgan quickly got a rope
break. Morgan applied consecutive cradles but Lynch kicked

Lynch rolled up Morgan while holding the ropes for the
pinfall win. Lynch retains.

They obviously worked hard but this was definitely rough in
more than a few places. The story was that Morgan gave Lynch
a great fight and got cheated in the end. It was definitely
set up to get sympathy behind Morgan and likely set up a

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