WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW: Ember Moon slams creative direction and ending of Asuka vs Banks match

Posted on 7/30/120 by Colin Vassallo

While Sasha Banks and Bayley are probably the two happiest
Superstars in all of WWE right now, theres one person who
was not impressed with what went down this past Monday.

Ember Moon, the former NXT Womens champion whos currently
out injured, said she was upset with how the match ended
although she said she loved the match up until that point.

Speaking during a Twitch session, Moon questioned why the
company needs two double champions, reliving the Triple H
and Steve Austin angle from 2001. Is SummerSlam going to be
like low-key Evolution with Sasha and Bayley wrestling for
their singles titles and also for the tag titles? Moon

Moon credited both Sasha Banks and Bayley for doing a great
job over the past few months but there are too many people
sitting at home to tie up all the titles with two people.

She also didnt like the way Kairi Sane was treated in her
final appearance, saying she doesnt know if that was the
proper way to go. I feel you make it more of a threat than
just Kairi getting beat up backstage, Moon said, giving her
own opinion on how it should have been more of a life or
death situation versus Bayley repeatedly throwing Sane

I get were supposed to be angry, and kudos to them for
making us angry. No one wanted Asuka to lose, everyone
wanted NXT Asuka back and having an undefeated streak.
Thats what WWE does, she continued. I fell for the ploy
of Im angry because I saw my friend Asuka lose the title
in a crappy way. Are we gonna have Sasha just lose the
title to Lacey Evans or transfer Naomi over? Theyre
building to SummerSlam, right? As a fan, I feel like I got
ripped because once again, I dont get Bayley vs. Sasha.

Moon admitted that she had to turn off Raw because she was
so upset, calling the first 90 minutes of the show
infuriating from a professional and fan standpoint.

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