WWE/MELINA: Melina denies she signed with WWEbut admits its a possibility after blasting wrestling sites

Posted on 9/19/120 by Colin Vassallo

Former Divas champion Melina said that she has not signed
with WWE and blasted these sites that claim they know
whats happening but they dont.

But after denying the story leaked last night by
PWInsider.com, Melina said that just because shes not
signed with WWE right now, it does not mean its not a

My reason for this post is that it bothers me that these
sites lie to fans. If I potentially get signed, dont
forgive them for lying to you. I know there are those that
arent a fan of mine, but I still will care about them as I
do my own fans, she said, adding that her fans deserve
better than sites lying to them.

She said that she doesnt know what her future will hold but
2020 has not been great to her, with the passing of her
father last month, noting that shes now 41 years old and
theres many factors involved in her return.

Going back home to the WWE would feel like everything Ive
gone through was for this very moment. But we dont know
whats going to happen, Melina added. One day Ill come
home but when the time is right. So if it doesnt happen
now, Im sorry you thought I was returning. If it does
happen well these sites ruined a great surprise. You should
be upset that they cheated you of that moment if it

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