WWE/MATT RIDDLE: Matt Riddle admits cheating on his wife but refutes sexual abuse allegations

Posted on 7/09/120 by Colin Vassallo

In a video posted on his social media, Matt Riddle spoke
about the accusations brought against him by indie wrestler
Candy Cartwright.

Riddle admitted that he had an affair with Cartwright and in
the process he cheated on his wife but he said that never in
his life he sexually assaulted or abused anyone.

The former NXT Tag Team champ said that he felt sad and
depressed about lying to his wife and friends because he
didnt want anyone to find out about his affair but the only
way out was to come clean and tell his wife about it.

Addressing Cartwright, he told her that he kept blocking her
on different forms of social media and she kept harassing
and stalking him and his friends, showing up at hotels
asking for him. Youre crazy, Riddle said.

At the end of the day, Im not perfect, we did have an
affair, and im not happy about that, Riddle continued,
repeating that he never sexually assaulted anyone.

He said that when he wanted to end the affair, Cartwright
refused and when she didnt get her way, she used the
#SpeakingOut movement to share false stories.

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