WWE/LARS SULLIVAN: Old racist and homophobic posts by Lars Sullivan can come back to haunt him

Posted on 5/09/119 by Colin Vassallo

Tons of old posts from the Bodybuilding.com forum might come
back to haunt Lars Sullivan after a Reddit user exposed
several racist and homophobic posts by Sullivan dating back
to 2012.

The posts, all of which are still available, cover a lot of
controversial topics and talk against African Americans,
people from Middle East, Israel, WWEs work with the Susan
G. Komen foundation, people with mental disabilities and
anxiety, gay, and the gray area of rape.

The posts have been confirmed to be from Sullivan using the
username of disenfranchised and Sullivan even posts his
own photos in some of the comments.

These are damning posts that could ultimately lead to the
dismissal of Lars from WWE. A user on Twitter asked Big E if
he read the posts and Big E, who is currently injured,
replied, Many are aware. If true, he has to bear the
albatross of being a bigot & working in a company that is
now filled with minorities.

You can read the extensive post which has all the links to
all the comments below.

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