WWE/LANA: Lanas parents both test positive for coronavirus, mother in ICU

Posted on 7/10/120 by Colin Vassallo

WWE Superstar Lana revealed on Twitter that her mother is in
intensive care unit after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

Lana explained that her mother is asthmatic and had to be
put on oxygen at the hospital after she was unable to

My mom tested positive for covid. She is in the ICU right
now. She is asthmatic and is on oxygen. Thank you for all
the thoughts & prayer, Lana tweeted. Several fellow WWE
Superstars reached back to offer their support to the 35-

Her mother, while never appeared on WWE television, did
appear in multiple episodes of Total Divas in the past when
the show was centered around Lanas and Rusevs wedding.

In a later update, Lana wrote that her father also tested
positive for coronavirus, writing that its mind blowing
since her parents dont really go out much.

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