WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN: January 21 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 1/22/122 by Colin Vassallo

Roman Reigns And The Usos Segment

This was a good opening segment. Reigns, The Usos and
Rollins were good in their roles. Kevin Owens surprise
appearnce got a good reaction. Owens would be the first of many surprises apperances
tonight including, Big E, Johnny Knoxville, Summer Rae, Jeff
Jarrett, and Eric Bischoff.

They recapped the face-to-face between Roman Reigns and Seth
Rollins from last week. It included The Usos jumping Rollins
on Raw.

The Usos were already in the ring to start SmackDown. They
got a mixed reaction with a lot of cheers. Jimmy noted
they're celebrating Roman Reigns holding the Universal title
for 508 days.

They pointed out that no former champions such as Kevin
Owens, Seth Rollins, or Brock Lesnar held the title that
long. The Usos then gave Reigns a grand introduction.

Reigns slowly made his entrance. He got a mixed reaction
too, but mostly cheers. Michael Cole claimed Reigns is not
only the longest reigning Universal Champion in history, but
he's also the most arrogant. Reigns held out his hand for
the mic, but Jimmy wasn't paying attention.

Reigns demanded Nashville acknowledge him and the fans
popped. Jimmy then introduced highlights of Reigns' 508 days
as champion. It included his matches against Kevin Owens,
Daniel Bryan, Edge, Cesaro, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Finn
Balor, and Brock Lesnar.

After the video, Reigns and the Usos were very impressed.
Reigns was about to speak when Seth Rollins' music
interrupted. Rollins noted he was impressed with Reigns'
package. Reigns agreed. Rollins then mocked Reigns for sending The Usos to Raw. He
praised The Usos for being the longest reigning SmackDown
tag team champions. Rollins added that they're the
cornerstone of the Bloodline.

Rollins noted that the Usos prop up Reigns like he and Mox
did before. Rollins tried to start a "Uso" chant. Reigns
mocked Rollins and asked if Cena wrote his promo. Reigns
promised the Royal Rumble would be a singles match, and he
doesn't need The Usos.

Rollins said he'd find a partner and challenged The Usos for
later. If his team wins, the Usos are barred from ringside
at the Royal Rumble. Reigns hesitated, but Jey accepted the
challenge. He added that Rollins wouldn't be able to find a
partner anyway.

Rollins laughed and wondered if he could find a partner.
Suddenly, Kevin Owens' music hit to a huge pop. Reigns
screamed that he makes the decisions. He added the
stipulation that if The Usos win, Rollins loses his Rumble
title shot. Rollins eventually agreed.

After the break, Cole confirmed tonight's main event is Seth
Rollins & Kevin Owens vs. The Usos.

Kofi Kingston (w/Big E) defeated Madcap Moss (w/Happy
Corbin) (7:42)

Kingston and Moss had an okay match. It dragged at times and
the finish came out of nowhere.

Before the match, Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss mocked Kofi
Kingston. Moss bragged about beating him last week. They
made some more bad jokes. They claimed Kingston is nothing
without King Woods. Kingston made his entrance and pointed to the back. Big E's
music hit to a big reaction. Cole claimed that Raw stars are
appearing on SmackDown because the Royal Rumble is soon.

Moss briefly had the advantage until Kingston fought back.
He hit the boom drop and set up for the trouble in paradise.
Corbin caused a distraction allowing Moss to take over.

Moss threw Kingston to the floor and tried throwing him into
the steps. Kingston jumped over the steps and came back with
a clothesline onto Moss. Big E then sent Corbin into the

Back from the break, Kingston was firmly in control until
Moss hit a spine buster. He stomped Kingston in the corner,
but he fought back. Moss threw Kingston into the corner, but
he ran up and hit a hurricanrana on Moss.

Moss slammed down Kingston to regain control. The finish
came when Moss ran off the ropes, but Kingston hit the
trouble in paradise out of nowhere for the win.

After the match, Big E challenged Corbin to get in the ring.
Instead, Big E gave Moss the Big Ending.

They recapped Aliyah defeating Natalya last week in 3.17
seconds to set a new World Record for the fastest women's

They showed Jimmie Allen sitting at ringside. They then
introdued WWE Legend Summer Rae at ringside as well.Aliyah defeated Natalya via DQ (2:09)

This was a bad match. Natalya and Aliyah had a short,
uneventful match with a weak finish. They made it seem like
Summer Rae would get involved but instead Xia Li made an
appearance at the end.

Cole mentioned Natalya's Twitter feud with Summer Rae.

Natalya jumped Aliyah to start the match, but Aliyah rolled
her up for a near fall. Natalya quickly regained control and
hit a discus lariat for another near fall.

The finish came when Natalya stomped on Aliyah in the corner
until the referee disqualified her. The fans loudly booed
the finish. Even Pat McAfee wasn't impressed. Cole pointed
out that Aliyah holds two wins over Natalya now.

After the match, Natalya jumped Aliyah until Xia Li ran out
of the save.

Cole and McAfee discussed the two-night WrestleMania and
called it stupendous. McAfee then enthusiastically read out
other words for stupendous. Cole couldn't hide his laughter.

The Viking Raiders defeated Los Lotharios (2:19)

Viking Raiders and Los Lotharios had a good match while it

The Raiders had the early advantage after Erik slammed Ivar
onto Humberto. Angel made a blind tag, and the heels took
over. The heels hit a double basement dropkick for a near
fall. Erik recovered and rocked Humberto with a knee. Ivar tagged
in and ran wild on the heels. He rocked Humberto with a
spinning heel kick.

The finish came when Erik hit the world's strongest slam and
powerbomb on Los Lotharios at the same time. The Raiders
then hit the Viking Experience on Humberto for the win.

They recapped Adam Pearce announcing Naomi vs. Charlotte
Flair for tonight.

Championship Contender's Match: SmackDown Women's Champion
Charlotte Flair defeated Naomi (2:22) Special Referee Sonya

Flair and Naomi had a fine match. It was more an angle to
further the feud between Naomi and Deville that appears to
be caught in a time loop.

Before the match, Sonya Deville came out and demanded that
Charles Robinson take off his shirt. Deville put the shirt
on and started the match.

Naomi got in Deville's face, which allowed Flair to jump
Naomi. Flair was firmly in control and rocked Naomi with
hard chops. Naomi recovered with a kick to the head. Flair
fought back and locked on the Boston Crab.

Naomi tried to escape, but Flair went for the Figure Four
leg lock. Naomi kicked off, and Flair collided with Deville
knocking her to the floor.

Naomi then hit the rearview on Flair and got a visible three
count, but Deville just watched from ringside. Naomi yelled
at Deville, which allowed Flair to attack Naomi's leg. Flair locked on the Figure Eight for the win. Naomi didn't
tap out, but Deville called for the bell. McAfee asked,
"what in the Bret Hart is going on?"

In the back, Kayla Braxton interviewed Kevin Owens and Seth
Rollins. Owens noted he should be Universal Champion if it
weren't for The Usos. Rollins and Owens promised to win

They showed Kid Rock sitting at ringside.


This was a fun segment. Zayn was great in his role and has
excellent comedic timing. Johnny Knoxville got a good
reaction when he made a surprise apperance.

Cole claimed Zayn's going to outdo Johnny Knoxville. He's
going to prove that he can do anything Knoxville can do but
better. Zayn noted Knoxville gained fame for practicing
self-defense on himself.

Zayn grabbed a cattle prod and used it on his leg. Zayn
screamed out in pain. He increased the level and used it
again on his chest. He went down screaming in pain again.
Regardless, Zayn got back to his feet each time.

Suddenly, Johnny Knoxville came out and made his way to the
ring. The fans broke into a brief "Johnny" chant. Knoxville
demanded to see the cattle prod, but Zayn refused.

Knoxville then grabbed the cattle prod and realized Zayn
didn't turn it on. He turned it on and shocked Zayn. Zayn
dropped to the mat and could barely move. Knoxville then
dumped Zayn over the top rope. In the back, Adam Pearce spoke with Eric Bischoff in his
office. Deville entered and was surprised to see Bischoff.
Pearce noted he saw what happened with Naomi and spoke with

Pearce announced Deville vs. Naomi for next week. Bischoff
was impressed with Pearce's managment style.

They showed the WWE 2K22 trailer.

Sheamus (w/Ridge Holland) defeated Ricochet (3:18)

Sheamus and Ricochet had a good match that didn't get enough

Sheamus hit the title-a-whirl backbreaker to take over. He
then slowed the pace down with a chin lock. Ricochet fought
back with a standing dropkick. Sheamus regained control with
the Irish Curse backbreaker.

Ricochet avoided the Brogue Kick and followed up with a
dropkick off the middle turnbuckle. Ricochet went for a
suicide dive, but Sheamus hit a jumping knee mid-air.
Sheamus then hit the Brogue Kick for the win.

In the back, Rick Boogs and Shinsuke Nakamura ran into Jeff
Jarrett. Jarrett complimented Boogs on his guitar skills.

Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens defeated The Usos via DQ (15:00)

If Rollins & Owens win, The Usos are barred from ringside at
the Royal Rumble.

If The Usos win, Rollins loses his Royal Rumble title shot.This was a great main event until the weak DQ finish.

The Usos took over and stomped on Rollins in their corner.
Rollins recovered and backed Jimmy into his own corner.
Rollins and Owens isolated Jimmy on their side of the ring.

Rollins climbed to the top rope, but Jey caused a
distraction. Jimmy took advantage and knocked Rollins off
the corner.

Rollins rocked Jimmy with a clothesline and tagged in Owens.
He caught Jimmy with a senton and knocked Jey off the apron.
He followed up with a cannonball in the corner.

The Usos regained control, and Jey rocked Owens with a
superkick at ringside.

Back from the break, The Usos were firmly in control as they
beat down Owens. They isolated Owens and cut him off from
Rollins. Owens fought back and avoided an enziguri from Jey.

Owens responded with an enziguri to regain control. Rollins
got the hot tag and ran wild on the heels. He sent the Usos
to the floor and hit a suicide dive wiping out the heels.

Rollins hit a springboard knee for a near fall. Jey fought
back and hit a back suplex into a neck breaker for a two-
count. Rollins went for the buckle bomb on Jey, but Jimmy
made a blind tag. They then hit an assisted Samoan Drop for
a close near fall. Owens tagged in and hit a pop-up
powerbomb on Jimmy for another close two-count. Owens climbed to the top rope, but Jimmy cut him off. Jimmy
attempted a superplex, but Owens reversed into a fisherman's

Jimmy caught Rollins with a superkick. Owens avoided a
superkick from Jey and hit the stunner. Jimmy then caught
Owens with a superkick.

Rollins took advantage and hit a superkick on Jimmy. Rollins
set up for the stomp, and the fans began singing his theme
music. Suddenly, Roman Reigns ran out and hit the Superman
Punch on Rollins for the disqualification. The fans erupted
in boos for the finish.

Cole claimed Reigns realized The Usos were about to lose.
However, The Usos are barred from ringside at the Royal
Rumble, which seems to work against Reigns' plan.

Next Week: New Day(Kofi Kingston & Big E) vs. Happy Corbin &
Madcap Moss. Plus, Naomi takes on Sonya Deville.

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