WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN: August 7 results (Wrestleview)

Posted on 8/08/120 by Bob Magee

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
August 7, 2020
Orlando, Florida (WWE Performance Center)
Commentary: Michael Cole and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE SmackDown kicks off with clips of the Swamp Fight from
three weeks ago. We see Alexa Bliss in the Sister Abigail
role talking to Braun Strowman. Its followed by Nikki Cross
against Bayley from last week. The Fiend showed up and put
the Mandible Claw on Bliss to end the show.

FireFly Fun House

Wyatt is in the Fun House and he says a bunch of haters have
been sliding in his DMs, blaming him for what happened to
Alexa Bliss last week. He says if you want to point the
finger on someone, point to to Strowman. How could he let
something so horrific happen to someone he cares so much
about. All he had to do was give him what he wants.

He says he happens to know that he will be there later. Hes
waiting for Braun. And his advice is to give him what he
wants or shell find out what he is truly capable of. Wyatt
laughs and waves.

Back in the arena, Matt Riddles music hits.

Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus

The bell rings and we are under way. Riddle jumps on the
back of Sheamus as Sheamus reaches for the ropes and its
broken up. A side head lock take down by Sheamus but Riddle
gets up and out of it. Riddle with a leg take down as
Sheamus gets back up.

A head lock by Sheamus as Riddle gets him against the ropes
and the referee breaks it up. An arm bar followed by a knee
to the body by Sheamus. An arm bar by Sheamus but Riddle
reverses it into an arm bar of his own as Riddle in the
middle of the ring. Riddle turns it into a cover but Sheamus
kicks out. Both men back up as Sheamus lifts Riddle up and
power bomb him down onto the mat. A right hand by Sheamus as
he goes goes for a clothesline but Riddle ducks and Sheamus
on the ring apron. Sheamus with forearms onto Riddle.
Sheamus climbs the top rope but Riddle with a right hand as
Sheamus falls to the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial and Sheamus has Riddle in a head lock.
Riddle with right hands but the Irish Curse back breaker by
Sheamus onto Riddle. Sheamus with two more back breakers. He
goes for the cover but Riddle kicks out. Sheamus once more
with a head lock. Riddle with right hands followed by a kick
to the side of the head and both men are down. Riddle with
rights hands and a running kick. He goes for the cover but
Sheamus kicks out

Riddle climbs the top rope, goes for the reverses senton,
Sheamus moves, Riddle lands on his feet but Sheamus hits him
with the White Noise. He goes for the cover but Riddle kicks
out. Sheamus up to his feet first, he runs towards Riddle
but Riddle moves out of the way and lands a German suplex.
He goes for the cover but Sheamus kicks out. Riddle goes for
a kick but Sheamus reverses it into a cover but Riddle kicks
out. Sheamus runs towards Riddle but Riddle moves and
Sheamus lands shoulder first onto the ring post and he falls
to the outside.

Sheamus down on the outside and out comes Riddle as he
delivers some kicks but Sheamus with a big knee to the jaw
taking Riddle out. Sheamus gets back in the ring and out
comes Shorty G who attacks Riddle from behind as the referee
calls for the bell.

Winner: By disqualification, Matt Riddle

After the match, Riddle gets back up and beats up on Shorty
G. A flying punch by Riddle as he slams Shorty Gs face into
the announce desk. He throws Gable into the ring steps as
Sheamus stands in the ring watching the fight.

Riddle heads to the back as Sheamus throws Shorty G into the
ring and hits him with the Brogue Kick. He asks for a
microphone and asks Shorty G what he thinks he is doing.
Doing this for Corbins bounty? He took a win away from him
as Gable gets back up and Sheamus hits him with another
Brogue Kick.
-Commercial Break-

King Corbin is backstage with Sara and in comes Sheamus. He
tells him about Shorty G as Corbin laughs. Sheamus tells him
if he does that again, he will beat his crown off him.
Sheamus talks back as Sheamus tells him to try him.

The Dirt Sheet The Miz and John Morrison

They talk about last weeks horrific tragedy as we see a
clip of Sonya Deville attacking Mandy Rose from behind.
Morrison says sometimes life hits you with something so
devastating and tonight they are using their considerable
influence as they have microphone problems.

Miz says they will use their power to give a platform who
was viciously attacked last week and its brave of her to
join them tonight even through satellite. Its Mandy Roses
hair as we see a wig with plastic eyes talking to them. They
talk about the humiliation and ask if she is fine and while
the wig is on screen, its Morrison who is talking in a
voice pretending to be the wig. This goes on for about a
minute as it ends with a Hair Yeah and Miz says the future
is bright for her hair.

With the wig gone, Miz says the real victim has not been
heard yet as he welcomes Sonya Deville to the show. Out
comes Sonya to the ring. Miz asks her why she did what she
did. Sonya says she came out and told Mandy she was going to
do what she did and she doesnt understand the issue. She
says she is a woman of her word. Did she enjoy smashing
Mandys face into the table? Absolutely. She says it was
like Mandy was scared, she was concerned about her image
because thats what her entire life has been about. She says
its pathetic and sad.

Sonya says she would apologize but she doesnt feel bad
because she has no respect for her anymore. She calls Mandy
weak. Sonya calls the crowd pathetic. Miz says they have not
heard from Mandy since the attack and she hasnt posted a
social media selfie since the attack. Sonya says she has one
other talent, she won an award for making out with a She
won an award for making out with a dude. And the only bright
side is that her and Otis actually look like a couple.
Morrison says like Shrek and Donkey.

Otis and Tucker come down to the ring as a fight breaks out
between both teams. Sonya leaves the ring and Tucker throws
Miz to the outside as they double team Tucker in the ring.
Otis goes for the caterpillar but Miz drags Tucker out of
the ring.-Commercial Break-

Cesaro with Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Lince Dorado with Gran

The bell rings and Cesaro goes after Dorado and a back
breaker by Cesaro followed by a European uppercut. A
clothesline by Cesaro as he picks Dorado up but Dorado with
a hurricanrana takes Cesaro to the outside. The lights dim
blue on and off as Dorado flies to the outside but Cesaro
catches him. Dorado jumps off the railing and lands a
hurricanrana. He throws Cesaro back into the ring and a
sunset flip by Dorado but Cesaro kicks out.

Dorado jumps off the top rope but Cesaro catches him and
lands a back breaker. He goes for the cover but Dorado kicks
out. Cesaro runs to the ropes and lands an elbow drop. He
goes for the cover but again Dorado kicks out. Cesaro grabs
Dorado but a jaw breaker slows Cesaro down. Dorado with a
chop to the chest as he lands a spring board stunner. Dorado
with a moon sault off the bottom rope and one off the second
rope. Dorado goes off the second rope as he knocks Nakamura
down who was on the ring apron. Cesaro hits Dorado from
behind and goes for a power bomb but Dorado reverses it into
a cover as Cesaro kicks out.

Cesaro with a European uppercut and lands the Neutralizer.
He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Cesaro

Otis and Tucker are backstage and in comes Kayla Braxton.
She asks them about how they put an end to a disrespectful
episode of the Dirt Sheet. And she asks about their match
tonight. Otis says everything is a joke to them and they
have crossed the line. Tucker says what Sonya did last week
was despicable and Miz and Morrison wont let it out. Otis
says they can handle it if a joke is on him but them
disrespecting his beautiful peach Mandy Rose, he wont stand
for it. And theyll learn that when they get him angry, no
one is going to be laughing.

FireFly Fun House flashes on the screen as Let Me In shows
on the giant screen and the lights go out in the Performance
Center. Out comes The Fiend.-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial and The Fiend is in the ring as he is
standing behind Alexa Bliss. He circles around her and leans
back and sits in the corner. He crawls towards her and gets
in her face as he extends his arm. He closes his fingers but
Bliss puts his arm down and runs her hand down his face.
Fiend steps away as we hear Strowmans voice and hes on the
giant screen.

Strowman calls him a sadistic bastard. he says he doesnt
give a damn about Alexa, all he cares about his destroying
him. When he stepped in the swamp, he knew he was going to
step out as the baddest SOB or that he ripped the devil from
limb to limb. He tells Fiend he is looking at the baddest
SOB that ever walked Gods green earth. He says he let it
all out and he is fulfilling his destiny. He is more than a
man, he is the thing that nightmares are made of. He is the
monster. He tells him he can have whatever he wants but at
Summerslam, he will face his fears. He will face the
-Commercial Break-

Jeff Hardy vs. Baron Corbin

The bell rings and we are under way. Corbin goes for a right
hand but Hardy ducks and lands an atomic drop. Hardy works
on Corbins left arm and he lands a second atomic drop. A
leg drop by Hardy followed by a basement dropkick. A splash
by Hardy as he goes for the cover but Corbin kicks out.
Corbin gets back up and a big right hand onto Hardy. Corbin
goes for a clothesline, Hardy ducks and goes for the Twist
of Fate, Corbin ducks and a big clothesline. he goes for the
cover but Hardy kicks out.

Corbin throws Hardy to the outside and right hands by
Corbin. He grabs Jeff and throws him back into the ring. He
goes for the cover but Jeff kicks out. A chin lock by Corbin
but Hardy gets out of it. Corbin slides under the bottom
rope as Jeff delivers a baseball slide. Jeff beats up on
Corbin on the outside and throws him back in the ring. A
Deep Six by Corbin as he goes for the cover but Jeff kicks
out. Corbin goes for End of Days but Jeff blocks it as
Corbin hits him with a knee to the face.

Jeff falls to the outside and out comes Sheamus who hits
Jeff with the Brogue Kick as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: By disqualification, Jeff Hardy

Corbin gets out of the ring as he argues with Sheamus.-Commercial Break-

Sheamus vs. Baron Corbin

Back from commercial and the match is already under way.
Sheamus with a knee to the body takes Corbin down. He sends
Corbin to the ropes and a knee to the body by Sheamus takes
Corbin onto the ring apron. Sheamus grabs Corbin but the
referee breaks it up. Sheamus goes to the outside and a
clothesline by Corbin takes Sheamus out.

Corbin slams Sheamus into the barricade and slams Sheamus
face first off the announce table. Corbin throws Sheamus
back into the ring and as Corbin gets in the ring, Sheamus
hits him with a knee to the face. Sheamus clothesline Corbin
to the outside. Sheamus throws Corbin into the barricade and
slams Corbin face first into the announce table.

Sheamus sends Corbin shoulder first into the ring post.
Sheamus climbs the top rope and jumps but Corbin ducks and
lands a side slam on Sheamus. He goes for the cover but
Sheamus kicks out. Corbin throws Sheamus shoulder first into
the turnbuckle. A right hand by Corbin as he slams Sheamus
down. Sheamus gets back to his feet and a right hand onto
Corbin as he lifts Corbin on his shoulders but Corbin blocks
it and lands a clothesline.

Matt Riddle jumps off the top rope towards Corbin as Corbin
moves out of the way and Sheamus hits him with the Brogue
Kick. Riddle slides to the outside as Sheamus goes for the
cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Sheamus

Bayley is backstage and in comes Sasha asking her if she is
fine and Bayley says she is fine. Sasha asks about her match
on Monday vs. Asuka and Bayley says shes not worried but
she would have preferred that Sasha ask her about setting up
the match next time. Sasha says this is not about Asuka,
its about them. They have all the gold, they did this.
Sasha says Bayley is her role model. In comes a WWE producer
who says they are needed in the ring for a video conference
with Stephanie McMahon.-Commercial Break-

Kayla is backstage with Big E. She talks about his singles
run. Big E says for the past 5 years, he did a lot of
things, one of which is himself eating popcorn becoming a
popular gif. He has been an entertainer, a tag partner and a
friend. But now he gets to answer what could have been if
they just passed him the ball? But the support from the WWE
Universe, these things could be perceived as a weight. As
pressure. But they are not an anchor, they lift him up. And
although he may not know where the run will take him but he
will give all of him. Because and he looks at Kayla as she
tells him New Day Rocks and she starts to sing the New Day
Rocks tune.

Bayley and Sasha are int he ring as Stephanie shows up on
the big screen. She congratulates them on winning their
championships. They thank her because theres a lot of
jealousy coming from the locker room. All they are trying to
do is be role models. They mention the womens evolution.
Stephanie mentions how they have traveled to all three
brands, being a referee or making a mockery of when they
attacked Sane. Shes not sure about them being role models
but they got her attention.

Sasha says they know what is best for business and they are
big fans of herself and Triple H. Stephanie says she will
challenge them. At Summerslam, Sasha will defend the Raw
womens championship. And she could be defending it against
her beset friends opponent on Monday, Asuka. And as for
Bayley, all those enemies she made, they will all have a
chance when they compete in a triple brand battle royal with
the winner facing her for the SmackDown womens championship
at Summerslam. And thats what is best for business.

Miz and Morrison are backstage with Sonya Deville. In comes
Kayla who asks Miz and Morrison if they regret taking things
too far now that they have a match. Mz says they are sorry
their comedy is too advanced for her taste. Morrison says
Otis and Tucker get confused, mad and make mistakes. Miz
says its called gamesmanship. They are physical marvels,
mental giants and it wont take much to outwit Otis. Kayla
says she hasnt seen Otis this angry before as Miz jokes
about how Otis will eat them. He says they have a match to
prepare for as they walk away.
-Commercial Break-

Miz and Morrison with Sonya Deville vs. Heavy Machinery

The bell rings and we are under way. Morrison with kicks
onto Tucker to start the match. Tucker slams Morrison down
as he goes for the cover but Morrison kicks out. A take down
by Tucker in the middle of the ring and both men are back up
as Tucker hits him with a clothesline.

Tucker throws Morrison in the corner and tags Otis in as
they double team him. Morrison makes the tag and in comes
Miz who kicks Otis but Otis is fired up. He rips off his
shirt and knocks Miz down. Tucker is tagged back in and they
squad Miz, double teaming him. Miz falls to the outside.
Tucker with a cannonball off the ring apron onto Miz and

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Miz with a kick to the body onto
Tucker and Morrison is tagged in as they double team Tucker.
Morrison goes for the cover but Tucker kicks out. Morrison
goes for a kick but Tucker kicks him first but Morrison with
a follow up kick. Miz is tagged in and he lands a DDT. He
goes for the cover but Tucker kicks out. Miz distracts the
referee as Morrison gets a cheap shot in. Morrison is tagged
in as Miz goes for the slingshot but Tucker knocks Morrison
down. He takes Miz down and Otis is tagged in.

Otis takes down both Morrison and Miz. He throws Morrison in
the corner and bodyslams Miz. An overhead throw takes
Morrison to the other side of the ring. Otis with the
caterpillar. He goes for the cover but Miz breaks it up.
Tucker drags Miz to the outside. He goes for a clothesline
but Miz and Morrison move out of the way as Tucker is
slammed into the barricade. Otis is thrown into the steel

Mandy Rose comes out and attacks Sonya from behind as the
two fight into the ring and the referee calls for the bell.
Otis and Tucker get in the ring and grab Mandy and Miz and
Morrison grab Sonya. Mandy gets through and goes after Sonya
again as the two continue to fight.

Winners: No contest-Commercial Break-

Mandy and Sonya are arguing backstage as the lights go out.
Retribution run into the ring with weapons. They go after
Graves and Michael Cole as the announcers run to the back.
One of them gets in the face of the camera man and says this
is their house and he is chased to the back as are all the
other camera men around the ring.

They go into the audience and start to beat up on some of
the people in the crowd. They flip the announce table and
vandalize the ring and the plexi glass around the ring. One
of them grabs a chainsaw and cuts the ring ropes.

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