WWE Edits Out Triple Hs AEW Jabs From Hall of Fame Speech

WWE COO Triple H made a bit of a stir at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony when he snuck in a few potshots at new rival wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling. As reported by Wrestling Inc, the footage has since been edited to remove these jabs.

Whilst referring to his own corporate status, he joked that if you put the “EVP” title in front of someone’s name, it makes them feel more important. Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks all share the title of Executive Vice President within AEW.

When bringing up the possibility of being fired by Vince McMahon for saying his name during the induction, Billy Gunn cracked that he couldn’t fire him, alluding to his status as a ‘coach’ for AEW. Triple H replied, “Let’s be honest, he (Vince) will buy that pissant company just to fire you again.”

In the WWE Network and one-hour USA Network replay of the event, the speech ended with Gunn’s comment about not being able to be fired.

Former ROH and New Japan star and recent NXT signee ACH had his WrestleMania week experience caught on film. Using his real name of Albert Hardie Jr., the video was posted by the WWEPC YouTube channel. It can be seen below:

In the midst of the WWE shake-up and continuing aftermath of WrestleMania, WWE’s stock increased by 0.87% today, to close at $98.10 per share. The high was $99.25 with a low of $97.70.

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