WWE/DAVID OTUNGA: Police escort David Otunga out of Jennifer Hudsons Chicago home

Posted on 11/17/117 by Colin Vassallo TMZ.COM is reporting that cops came to Jennifer Hudsons
home in Chicago last night and threw WWE Superstar David
Otunga out after he learned that she went to court earlier
in the day to get an order of protection, claiming he is a
risk to both her and their 8-year-old son.

Police escorted Otunga after they allowed him to pack a bag
with his belongings. The home is owned by Hudson and he was
living there as he is the primary caregiver of their son due
to her schedule being mostly on the road. The two had
relationship problems for months and were not considered an
item anymore.

Police officers told TMZ that they have opened a domestic
battery investigation and its classified as a misdemeanor.
The order of protection claims that Otunga has exhibited
aggressive, threatening and harassing behavior towards the

Otunga had apparently found out that Hudson was dating
someone else, something that Hudson keeps denying. Hudson
said that while she was at a recording session in Chicago
with their son, Otunga made a series of phone calls to reach
her. When he couldnt get her, he asked their son to record
the scene to get evidence that she is dating one of her

After leaving the studio and returning home, Otunga pushed
her out from one of the rooms and Hudson says that their
son, a makeup artist and an assistant all witnessed the

In the protection order filed, Hudson also describes that
the WWE star leaves a movie prop gun and a holster on the
kitchen counter and noted that her former boyfriend knows
that shes sensitive to firearms as her mother and brother
were murdered by a firearm. I believe that he left it out
to taunt, intimidate and frighten me, which he absolutely
accomplished, the order reads.

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