WWE BUSINESS: WWEs Vice President of TV Technology Kevin Quinn let go after 30 years

Posted on 12/01/120 by Colin Vassallo

WWE has let go another long-time employee of over 30 years
as cost-cutting measures due to COVID-19 continue behind the

Kevin Quinn, the former Senior Editor, Director of Editing,
Technical Director, Director and Vice President of TV
Technology for WWE is the latest casualty and Quinn did a
Reddit AMA on the r/SquaredCircle fan forum yesterday to
talk about his WWE experience.

Quinn performed every aspect of television production during
his three-decade career with the company, from manning
cameras, to audio, to graphics, and editing. One thing he
had never done live though was edit matches, something that
eventually changed when he directed the WrestleMania 29 pre-
show at the MetLife Stadium.

Ive edited matches since I was a kid but never directed a
match live, Quinn said.

Matches wasnt the only thing he edited, as Quinn also did
work on practically every WWE show you saw on television or
Network. Asked about his toughest edit, Quinn said it came
when Jerry The King Lawler was accused of statutory rape
and they had three hours of program with him in it. We had
to remove him from every show already shot. It took 2 over-
nights, Quinn recounted.

Asked what was the most challenging aspect of his job when
it comes to adapting new technology to WWE broadcasts, Quinn
said people would often think that transitioning from SD to
HD would have been the biggest challenge, but no, going from
mono audio to stereo sound was the biggest one he faced.

Quinn has no hard feelings towards Vince McMahon or the
company for letting him go, describing Vince as very
personable behind the scenes and that he loves the people
that help him take care of WWE. But business is business,
he added, noting that Vince invited him to both of his kids

But its Stephanie who he enjoyed working with the most,
calling her dream to work with because shed tell you what
she wants, you tell her what you have to make it, and its
game on.

Quinn was let go in September.

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