WWE BUSINESS: WWE wins awards at the 22nd annual Webby Awards

Posted on 4/25/118 by Colin Vassallo

WWE won awards during the 22nd annual Webby Awards although
their tally was less than what they usually got in previous

The Webby Award and Peoples Voice Webby Award in the Events
category were awarded to WWE for its comprehensive
WrestleMania 33 coverage. The Peoples Voice Award is chosen
by the voting public in each Webby Awards category. In the
Social Events category, WrestleMania beat out MTVs 2017 EMA
coverage, the World Series, the iHeartRadio Music Awards and
Pokmon GO Travels Global Catch Challenge.

WWE was also an Honoree in three other categories:
WrestleMania 33 Kickoff in Film & Video: Events and Live
streams; WWE Now in Film & Video: Sports; and WWE Social
Media in Social: Entertainment.

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