WWE/BOOKER T/SASHA AND BAYLEY: Booker T takes a dig at Bayley and Sasha Banks responds

Posted on 7/08/120 by Colin Vassallo

During his latest Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T took a dig
at current Smackdown and Tag Team title holder Bayley while
praising Sasha Banks and labeling her as a major player.

Booker said that while Bayley is the quintessential worker,
she may not be great at anything, but shes good at
everything. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer said that Sasha
is a person that the company can always go to and will
always deliver in a big a match.

Booker praised Bayley though for changing up her gimmick and
coming up with this cocky new character and added that while
everything is sort of on a holding pattern due to the
coronavirus pandemic, its great to see both Banks and
Bayley in this main event status position.

Reacting to his comments, Banks replied to Booker T in the
same way shes been dissing others. Were better than
Harlem Heat! Now can you dig that SUCKA, Sasha wrote.

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