WWE/BIG E.: WWE New Day wrestler Big E will not settle... 'There's never a moment where I think I'm good enough (APP.com)

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WWE New Day wrestler Big E will not settle: 'There's
never a moment where I think I'm good enough'

Alex Biese, Asbury Park Press Published 6:00 a.m. ET Sept.
5, 2019

One would be hard-pressed to find a more dominant faction in
World Wrestling Entertainment's modern era than The New Day.

The three-man alliance is currently covered in gold, with
Kofi Kingston as WWE Champion while Big E and Xavier Woods
reign as SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

But Big E, a Florida native born Ettore Ewen, said a key
part of the team's success is "never feeling like we've made

"There's never a time where we're coasting now," he said.
"In our minds, we're always trying. Even if it feels like
there's a bit of a lull, we're always trying to keep pushing
the envelope, trying to find ways to put a little spin on
things. So it's a mix of that, of always trying to convey
something unique, something entertaining on a weekly basis."

Big E's time in WWE has included six tag team championship
reigns, as well as singles success as NXT Champion and
Intercontinental Champion. But the former University of Iowa
football player and power-lifter said he is always striving
for improvement in the squared circle.

"I'm definitely very critical of myself as well, so there's
never a moment where I think I'm good enough," he revealed.
"I'm always learning. And I watch stuff that I've done even
two or three years ago and I kind of cringe because I feel
like I've made leaps and I'm continuing. I hope in another
year or two that I look back at the stuff that I'm doing now
and I kind of cringe. I want to continue to make steps to
get better and better."

That drive seems to have only intensified in the wake of
Kingston's championship victory at April's WrestleMania 35
at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford.

"I want to feel like I continue to bring value to this
team," said Big E. "So I guess seeing Kofi take charge
he's our World Champion right now, he's the guy on our
brand, on SmackDown Live so right now, I guess, for me, I
feel that, you know what? I want to be able to keep up.

"(Kingston) is kind of like the pace car right now, and I
want to be able to keep up as well. So I guess that's kind
of one thing and I'm always looking. I'll use anything as
motivation to continue to get better and display how good I
am and what I want to bring to the trio."

Kingston's WrestleMania win was part of an historic night
for the WWE. Kingston, who was born in Ghana, is the
company's first African-born champion, and he took home the
gold on the same night that Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and
Ronda Rousey made history as the first women to headline

Discussing WWE's push toward greater inclusion and
representation, Big E said, "I think that it's incredible,
and I think it's also reflective of what you see in media as
a whole now, more representation across lines, not just in
our industry but elsewhere."And I think the problem is a lot of times people bristle at
the mere mention of race or representation or feminism or
whatever minority group there is that's trying to have a
voice in media, people don't even want to have that
discussion. But I think for Kofi to be the first African-
born champion I think is such an incredible feat. And also
Becky Lynch and Ronda and Charlotte being able to close
WrestleMania, to have the women close the biggest show of
the year, is also pretty incredible.

"So I think it's a discussion that we just need to be open
to. And I guess I don't really consider myself one for
politics but I just think having this discourse and being
able to talk about these things and being open to these
things I think is big, so I'm glad we're doing a better job
with that in our industry and I hope we continue to grow."

Big E, Woods and Kingston return to our area for a meet-and-
greet session with fans at Freehold's iPlay America on
Sunday, Sept. 29.

It's part of an incredibly eventful fall that will also
include WWE's return to Madison Square Garden for "Monday
Night Raw" on Monday, Sept. 9, and "SmackDown Live" on
Tuesday, Sept. 10.

"SmackDown Live," home of The New Day, moves from its
current Tuesday night time slot on the USA Network to
Fridays on Fox starting Oct. 4. In the process, it will
become the first weekly professional wrestling series to air
on one of the "big four" broadcast networks.

"Honestly I think it's an incredible move," said Big E.
"We're going to have so many more eyes on what we're doing,
on our product, because it's Fox, it's big Fox. ... It's a
great opportunity and we're all excited about the move. It
means a lot of opportunity, I think, for more people to see
what we do.

"People want to stand out and they want to do something that
really resonates, not only with our hardcore fans but with
with casuals as well. And so it's kind of a moment for a lot
of us to I don't know if reset is the right word but a
lot of us see it as an opportunity to do something new, to
make an impression and to be a part of something big."

The New Day

When: 8 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 29

Where: iPlay America, 110 Schanck Rd, Freehold

Tickets: $75 to $200

Info: 732-577-8200 or www.iplayamerica.com/event/the-new-day

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