WWE Alum Tye Dillinger Added to Double or Nothing Casino Battle Royal

– The former Tye Dillinger has been added to the Casino Battle Royal for this weekend’s AEW Double or Nothing PPV. AEW announced on Tuesday that Shawn Spears will be part of the match, which takes place on the “The Buy-In” pre-show.

Spears was granted his release from WWE back in February. He recently told Edge and Christian on their podcast why he asked for his release, saying, “I wasnt excited anymore. I would be behind a curtain instead of being anxious and excited and nervous, that feeling you get when your legs are really heavy and your heart is pounding, and youre like, Oh man, oh man, oh man. It wasnt like that anymore, I was dreading it. I was back there going, Oh man please, just respond, make noise, please cheer, please - Like, I was I was praying, essentially, that they would acknowledge that I still existed. I Just felt like they didnt at the time, I was spiraling. And you know, when the performance is suffering and youre not giving it your all, they see it, they feel it, and thats not fair to them. So I couldnt place myself in that position anymore.”

Double or Nothing takes place on Saturday and will air live on PPV and BR Live.

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