WRESTLING/CELEBRITY HACKS: Summer Rae denies leaked photos are her

Posted on 3/20/117 by Colin Vassallo

Summer Rae has denied that the couple of leaked nude photos
published last night are hers and in a message on Twitter,
she told her fans not to believe everything they see online.

Theres people out there with a lot of time on their hands
& a big imagination, Rae said in a Tweet.

Although the leak pales in comparison to that of Paige and
Kaitlyn, Summer Raes denial is also hard to contest (that
it not her) considering that some photos use the same
background as seen in some of her Instagram photos and
certain birthmarks and blemishes are in the correct places
as those of her regular photos. One photo shows her wearing
a bikini and then in the other photo she is seen exposing
her breast while wearing the same bikini behind the same

On Saturday, she posted on Twitter asking why her Twitter
was blowing up with this mess and then told her followers
that they all need to log off. Replies to that particular
tweet were rather funny, some posting Bill Goldberg gifs
saying youre next while others suggesting she will have
to log off after her photos make their way online.

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