WRESTLEMANIA 37: Hulk Hogan puts over Titus ONeils community work in Tampa Bay area

Posted on 4/02/121 by Colin Vassallo

Appearing on After The Bell with Corey Graves, two-time WWE
Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan praised his fellow WrestleMania co-
host Titus ONeil for his charity and community work in the
Tampa area.

Hogan said that he saw Titus work first-hand when he
started working with the Boys Club again through WWE, noting
that theres no agenda behind Titus work and that he really
cares about the kids. This brother is for real, Hogan

Hulk added that Titus is involved in every aspect of making
life in Tampa Bay better and he does it 24/7. Hes not
messing around, he works with the community, he works with
the townfor me to live here and see the local news and see
the stuff that he doesits just amazing, he continued. The
Hulkster said he wished there were 10,000 more of Titus
ONeil because the world would be in a better place than it

The two had a rocky relationship since Hogan was outed in
those videos where he made several racist remarks years ago
but it looks like Titus has given Hogan a second chance at

To come back here to my hometown and to have Titus with me
were coming in wide open, guns blazing, to show everybody
that the Super Bowl was coolbut WrestleMania is the
greatest show in the world, Hulk said.

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