WRESTLEMANIA 35: Cena enters the time machine and brings back Dr. of Thuganomics at WrestleMania

Posted on 4/08/119 by Colin Vassallo

It wouldnt be a WrestleMania without John Cena, right? The
former 16-time world champion made an appearance last night
on the show of shows reprising his old Dr. of Thuganomics
gimmick which set his early WWE days on fire.

Cena, coming out with a NY Yankees shirt with the #3 of Babe
Ruth, interrupted Elias who was about to give his own
WrestleMania concert. Cena rapped while dissing Elias,
saying WWE stands for Wasted Wrestling Experiment for him.
He closed the segment by hitting Elias with a mic, the five-
knuckle shuffle, and the FU. This was Cena of 2004 rather
than the Cena we came to know over the last few years.

Talking backstage following the segment, John Cena said that
he wanted to do something as a surprise for the fans and a
bit of entertainment and while he wasnt supposed to be on
the show originally, he immediately said yes to the idea
when they brought it up to him.

And I know I kind of look ridiculous and Im in the 2004
way back machine, but I think it was really special and it
was done all in the good heart of entertainment. I thought
Elias put on a really creative performance, and I didnt
want to take a ton of time away from the event or the
Superstars who have earned a chance to go out there, and do
what they do, Cena said.

He said that even though they were just there for a few
minutes, it was awesome for him to be in front of the crowd
and delivering on the surprise.

So, thats my one rabbit out of the hat, and I dont know
what Im going to do after this, but I just wrapped a movie
on Thursday. So, I didnt want to do anything via satellite,
I didnt want to do nothing and not be here, but I was here
and I was on the event, and they recommended me to do this
and I thought it was a great idea.

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