Why Match Ran Long On Last Weeks NXT

– If you thought the match between Jordan Devlin and Tyler Breeze from last week’s NXT was too long, that’s because it was. The WON reports that the February 5th episode was running short and that Devlin and Breeze had to lengthen their match to compensate.

The site added that normally the problem is the opposite; NXT runs long and things have to be cut for time. The match was Devlin’s first in NXT as NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

– The WON notes that the following were the most-watched shows on the WWE Network for the last week:
1. Royal Rumble 2020
2. WWE Top 10: Goldbergs Greatest Jackhammers
3. NXT (2.5.20)
4. Smackdown Highlights (2.7.20)
5. Smackdown from (1.10.20)
6. WrestleMania 35
7. WrestleMania 21

– The attendance numbers for WWE’s shows over the past week were as follows:

* Smackdown Tapings (2.7.20): 6,500 paid, which was down from recent Smackdown tapings
* NXT Live Event in Las Vegas (2.8.20): 1,100
* WWE Supershow in Oakland, California (2.9.20): 5,500
* NXT Live event in Riverside, California (2.9.20): 1,300 (sellout)
* WWE Supershow in Fresno, California (2.9.20): 5,900
* Raw Taping in Ontario, California (2.10.20): 7,100 fans, 300 short of a capacity crowd

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