WEDNESDAY NIGHT WARS: AEW beats NXT again, but NXT makes major gains

Posted on 11/07/119 by Bob Magee

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite on TNT regained some, but not
all of the viewers it had before he MLB playoffs and World
Series, had 822,000 viewers, up 63,000, was #8 in the 18-49
cable demographic.

But this week is one for WWE and fans of NXT on USA to be
happy about as they had 813,000 viewers, up 233,000 viewers
from last week up to #12 in the 18-49 cable demographic.
This is the likely result of the NXT Invasion angle being
run on RAW and Smackdown.

AEW Dynamite continued its winning streak in the Wednesday
Night Wars, but by only 9,000 viewers

#1 cable was Golden State Warriors-Houston Rockets NBA on
ESPN, #2 Milwaukee Bucks-LA Clippers on ESPN, #3 was
American Horror Story on FX, #4 South Park on Comedy Centra,
#5 Real Housewives of NJ, BRAVO, #6 post-NBA Sportscenter,
and #7 Challenge War of the Worlds on MTV.


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