Vincent Says Emotions Are High For ROH Final Battle: “I’m Grateful To Be A Part Of An End Of An Era

Vincent Says Emotions Are High For ROH Final Battle: “Im Grateful To Be A Part Of An End Of An Era

ROH star Vincent recently spoke with WrestleZone to hype up this weekend’s Final Battle pay per view, which is being hailed as the “End of an Era” due to the promotion going on a temporary hiatus in 2022 to reimagine the company. Highlights from the interview are below.

Says there are mixed emotions going into Final Battle:

Every time its brought up, its just its crazy to me. I mean, Ive spent a lot of my career there, I spent a lot of my time in my career trying to get there. So back in like 2010, I did my first ever Ring of Honor tryout in Philadelphia, and then in 2012, I got Gored out of my shoes by Rhino in like 30 seconds. [laughs] That was a memory, but its crazy, man. Its really weird to me just to know that this era is ending of Ring of Honor after all these years, and thats all the time being there and everything else. So its kind of like its a bottle of mixed emotions going into that, you know what I mean?”

Says he hopes there are a lot of fans in attendance to celebrate this final big moment:

Im hoping that a lot of people do attend just to kind of have this big moment with us. All the Ring of Honor fans who always supported us throughout the years, hopefully, many of them can attend if theyre in that area. But its crazy just to know that going into it, even with the match itself, win, lose whatever, I just want the match between us and Shane Taylor Promotions to go all out there. I mean, if this is the end of an era, I want us to go out there both teams and just do everything, give the fans exactly what theyre hoping to see.”

How everyone is going in with a an “end of an era” attitude:

I honestly think that the whole show is going to be that I think everybodys going in there with that attitude of like, okay, this is the end of the era, lets go out with this great show, and not that we never put 100% in any other shows that we do. But you know, this one has just that feeling going into it, like, okay, if this is it, then lets do this. Its mixed emotions, its exciting and sad, its crazy. Its like a wave of emotions daily just to think about it but Im grateful to be a part of an end of an era, the Ring of Honor; its definitely something thats going to be whatever direction they go. I dont know. But its definitely a part of Ring of Honor history. Shane Taylor Promotions, Khan, and Moses, Im a big fan of that group of guys. And theyre fantastic. So I think itll be great.

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