Vickie Guerrero Thinks WWE Has Too Many PPVs

– Vickie Guerrero spoke with WFAN Sports before WrestleMania about women rising to the main event of the show and more. Highlights from the interview are below:

On why it took so long for women to reach a level of equality with men in WWE: “I think it took the voice of the women to say ‘Hey, we deserve to have a main event as well.’ It did take a long time, you know. When I started in 2004 when Eddie was alive, women’s matches took maybe — they went from five minutes to a minute and then they were cut off air. And there was disappointment with them because they’re great athletes and they wanted to prove that they could have a good wrestling match as well. So there was a lot of disappointment for years. And then finally within the last two or three years they started being heard that they could have the opportunity to headline a PPV, which we did. We had the all-women’s Evolution, and then the first-ever Royal Rumble. That was incredible. So to be part of that, it’s empowering.”

On if WWE has too many PPVs: “To me it is. When Eddie was alive, they did pay-per-views like once every four months. So, they built on the storyline, they got everyone excited, the families would come in for the pay-per-views. It was like this big celebration, maybe three times a year. So I think it meant more because you could put more emphasis on the storyline, get the characters involved, build up what they wanted to do with the storyline so the pay-per-view, you were ready to buy this pay-per-view or show up and watch what happens. Now theres like two pay-per-views a month and I dont think theres enough time for the characters to be developed and to show what the storyline means and sometimes Im like, Ugh, this is too fast, you know?

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