Velveteen Dream Slams WWE for Promoting Past Superstars Over the 8216Dream Generation8217

As previously reported, Velveteen Dream took WWE to task last month for recognizing his worth and threatened not to appear for them again. Additionally, he locked his Twitter account. His conflict with WWE continued earlier today, where it seems he unlocked his Twitter account again. Dream called out WWE for asking the WWE Universe which Hall of Famer they’d like to see return to WWE.

Dream was not happy with the post, and he wrote the following on his Twitter account: “NO. They Had Their Time. It’s Past Their Prime. If I wanna see these guys I’ll spend $9.99 on the NETWORK. Use What U Got b/c We’re More Than A Generation of Dreamers. WE ARE The DREAM Generation. And YES I am The One 2 Talk. #MoneyWhereTheMouthIs”

He later continued: “We R In The Time of the S L A V E. S L A V E S 2 Public Opinion. I Refuse. And if U had balls U would 2. The 80’s ?? New Generation Era?? Attitude Era ?? (ALL DEAD) It’s Time 2 Revolt. No Matter UR 3 Letter Orientation. #TheDreamGeneration.”

You can check out those tweets from Velveteen Dream below.

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