Vampiro Launches GoFundme To Help Pay For Stem Cell Replacement Therapy For Alzheimer8217s

Vampiro has launched a GoFundMe campaign in order to raise the funds needed to afford stem cell replacement therapy so he can get treatment for Alzheimer’s. He announced that he was diagnosed with the disease back in April. The goal for the campaign is $22,000 and at this time only $2,525 has been raised by 97 people in three days.

He wrote: “Hello. I am nervous and embarrassed to be asking for help. I am just a guy, no different than anyone, nothing special. Because of all my injuries , I am stuck and really, cant continue to do what I do to make a living or be there for my daughter. I want to live, and I want to be a dad. I also want to be better, so I can continue to wrestle , and continue to help the next generation , be a role model and inspire people to understand that mental health issues are not the end of life… its just the beginning.41304164_1565726441300607_r.jpeg I want to be the one who is the guy who said fuck you to the stigmas , limitations and poor excuses you get from the medical community and society , saying you cant succeed in life and give the middle finger to all and anyone who looks down on anyone who needs help.

I can beat this but I need help. I have not had an income In a year so I am stuck. Once I am better I will give a portion of all my earnings to people who need help, support and financial aid . Its so hard , but , I can beat this . I have the desire , I have the heart, but I am hurting bad . Critical pain from the injuries and well, this alzheimers and Parkinsons, and the chronic arthritis in my whole body, well to me its just bullshit and I can beat this.

I am asking for help so I can get stem cell replacement therapy in Columbia at the end of the year, once I have that, I will dedicate my life to helping others even more than I already do. Stem Cell Replacement therapy I believe will save many many lives … right now I need it to save mine. I am eternally grateful for you even considering to help me, You dont know me and you dont have to, but I need it so I am asking. With or without help I am gonna continue a million miles an hour and do what I can to support others , inspire , and beat this.

Again , Im just a guy and I have so much more to give, all I can do is fight, and fight I will. If you decide to help me, I will hold you in my heart forever. Even if you dont, I already hold all of you there anyways! I can only try … and regardless.. music, pro wrestling , the guardian angels , and my daughter , and all of you …, thats my world , and I have so much desire to get better and help others. I wont quit or slow down, cant , its not in my dna. I am a warrior , and , it is the hardest thing to admit all this and ask for help. again, thank you, once I beat this , I will help the world hear our voice. one love, PMA. Vamp.

He also posted a five-minute video to Facebook in which he details the daily struggle of living with the condition. You can watch that below.

In the video, he mentions that he’s been sitting in his car for forty minutes because he’s forgotten where he’s supposed to go and what he’s supposed to do as a result of his condition. He said Alzheimer’s and other mental health issues ‘never go away’. He mentions that he hates his medication because it ‘makes me a fucking zombie’ but if he doesn’t take it, he doesn’t ‘know what’s going on’.

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