Update on Reported Plans For Survivor Series Match

– The WON has an update on a planned match that still has yet to be announced for Survivor Series. According to the site, there is a plan to have a Triple Threat secondary championship match similar to the three-ways between the Womens Champions and the Tag Team Champions. However, the site says that their sources say that the plan is not specifically Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles vs. Roderick Strong, meaning that either Nakamura or Styles will likely lose the title before the PPV.

The report notes that before the Styles program with NXT was put together, he was still set to be champion coming into the PPV. With Daniel Bryan in a storyline with Nakamura, there is a chance of a Strong vs. Bryan vs. Styles match if Nakamura loses the championship to Styles.

In addition, the WON notes that AJ Styles ptiched an Undisputed Era vs. The O.C. match as a match for Survivor Series, but that is expected to take place on TV and not PPV, possibly on NXT, due to Styles’ involvement in the three-way match. The O.C. attacked the Undisputed Era in an angle that was shot for and aired in the pre-NXT segment on USA Network.

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