Update on Neville and His Current WWE Status

– During the latest edition of PWInsider Elite Audio (h/t via Ringside News), Mike Johnson revealed the latest on the status of former WWE cruiserweight champion, Neville. According to Johnson, the former champion is currently sitting out his contract at home as WWE is refusing to release him from his current deal.

Johnson stated during the audio show, “Yeah, hes hanging out at home, waiting to figure out how hes going to get out of his WWE contract. Or if hes going to come up with some way to come back to WWE. Well see if that ever happens.”

Previous reports and rumors indicated that WWE and Neville were back in talks for Neville to make a return to the company, while Neville wanted a release from the company. However, WWE was not willing to grant him that release. That doesn’t necessarily conflict with the latest information, since that report stated that what he truly hoped for was a release from the company.

That report also stated WWE could freeze his contract for walking away.

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