UFC Suggesting Fighters and Coaches Purchase Fight Pass Instead of Sending Them Fight Tapes.

Cheap Shot

We all know UFC is on the hunt for economy. After the UEM-ING’s 4 billion dollar purchase of the promotion from the Fertita brothers things have been a bit tight to say the least. We’ve seen a myriad of “big money” fights and interim titles to garner interest in the casual fan. However there are some amenities a professional sports organization must provide, and tape of their rival individual/ team is one of them.

In a recent twitter post Brandon Gibson (coach at JacksonWinkMMA) let the social media community know that the UFC will no longer be providing coaches and fighters with fight tape and want fight team to purchase UFC fight pass instead.

While we all love UFC fight pass, professionals who are in the sport need tape to properly prepare their fighters. Tape provides things like slow motion, the ease of rewind, and other tools fight camps need to adequately study the competition. Now coaches will either have to DVR and edit or hire someone to do it for them.

The UFC use to provide zip drive links to download which lead Brandon Gibson and the Jackson Wink fight team to 3 of the top 10 knockouts of 2016, so we’d like to think they know what they’re talking about.

The question you have to ask yourself is do the ends justify the means? Do a couple of thousand dollars justify making it harder for coaches to prepare their fighters for quality fights? You would think as a business the UFC would want to put out the highest quality product for the least amount of give. The most return for your invest. If you’re viewing it from that sense then this latest move is a real head scratcher. Is the promotion really bleeding that bad?

Hit us up in the comments section below on your views of the latest UFC changes. Should the fighters and coaches just get over it or is this just a little ridiculous.

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