Tyler Bate Talks Potential NXT vs. NXT UK TakeOver

– Tyler Bate recently did an interview with The Sun discussing multiple topics. Highlights are below.

On Possibly Moving Brands: As far as Im aware there are no plans for me to be going anywhere any time soon. Im quite enjoying my time here in NXT UK and my goal is to keep things fresh and interesting. I like to try new things and go to new places and if I can do that in NXT UK then Im fine staying here but there nothing planned as far as Im aware for me to go anywhere soon.

On NXT UK vs. NXT: We have been trying to make NXT UK the best show it can be and we dont want to have to ask people to watch it we want them to feel like they have to and cant miss a show. So people are constantly trying to outdo each other and grab that brass thing. It keeps everyone on their toes. That sounds really interesting to me. Id be super up for that. It sounds like it would be a hell of a show for the fans to watch. You never know.”

On Kassius Ohno: Ive got to work with Kassius several times. When I was wrestling independently he was the first big test for me as a pro. He is an absolute genius and is like a professional wrestling computer. He knows the most wrestling out of anyone Ive met ever. Its great to get people like him over here and help teach and bring others up to his level. Hes been a brilliant addition to NXT UK and Id have no problem if he came to challenge me if I win the title in Cardiff.

On WALTER And TakeOver: Cardiff: “Ive had a few highlights since joining WWE. The birth of the UK tournament and the genesis of NXT UK, winning the title, my match against Pete at NXT Chicago and then the Takeover in Blackpool. Now this one in Cardiff is another of those huge career milestones. I feel Ive got a big responsibility, as the first champion and as you call it a flag bearer, and it feels really disrespectful to me for someone like Walter to just waltz in and take the title and disrespect everything we have fought to make it stand for. All I can do is try my very best. Im a big believer in fate, and if its not supposed to be me that stops him, then Im sure theres somebody else down the line who could do it. I dont really have any plans as far as Walter and his mates go, I tend to be very spontaneous, but if things do get out of hand and I cant get it done alone then I trust Trent will be there to help me out. But I will be putting on the very best performance that I can. Walter is a big lad and quite hard to move about. But Im pretty sure I can get the job done. Hes a big lad but Im a big strong boi.”

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