Tye Dillinger Reveals When He Found Out About His Royal Rumble Entry

– Tye Dillinger recently spoke with TV Insider, here are the highlights

On when he found out about being in this year’s Royal Rumble match: “It was probably hours beforehand. It had been snowballing the months leading up to it with the concept, the idea and the possibility. They got a kick out of the thought that I come in at number 10. So I heard all those rumors and things. But this is sports entertainment, so things can change on a daily basis. For that reason you have to be ready to go at any time. So when my number was called, I was ready to go.”

On Working with Eric Young: “It has been amazing to work with him. Though he is a different guy than he was back then. His character has its own agenda, and he is with these three weirdos in Sanity who share his beliefs. To be able to know a guy for 15 years and go different paths, only to culminate in Orlando on probably one of the biggest shows NXT has to offer like TakeOver, it’s surreal. It’s a homecoming for me and for him as well.”

On fan support for his “Perfect 10” persona: “It was the power of the WWE Universe and community. Being able to give back, that is what rallies people behind you emotionally. It’s been their word, their voice that has taken the ‘Perfect 10’ persona further than I possibly could and further than I think most people possibly would. It just keeps rolling and rolling. Hopefully, the more it does I can keep moving up and be a part of community events and make an impact. It’s the greatest thing in the world.”

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