TRUMP INSURRECTION: Group chaired by Linda McMahon donated money to U.S. Capitol rally organizers

Posted on 1/11/121 by Colin Vassallo

Linda McMahon, the former WWE President and CEO who is now
chairing the America First Action SuperPAC and America First
Policies group for Donald Trump, has remained largely silent
following the events that took place last week at the

CNBC revealed that America First Policies donated money in
the past to the group which was responsible in organizing
the march last Wednesday, a march which started peacefully
for Donald Trumps speech but then turned ugly once it moved
to the U.S. Capitol.

McMahon was part of Donald Trumps cabinet as the SBA
Administrator but then left to chair the SuperPAC to raise
money for his re-election. Both she and her husband Vince
McMahon are big Trump donors and the couple have been
friends with the President for decades.

Back in November, Linda urged supporters to stand with
Donald Trump for a fair count of legal votes. Ignoring
court orders and breaking state laws is the opposite. We
must continue the challenge, she wrote in a tweet.

Trump, also a WWE Hall of Famer, has his fair share of
critics among WWE Superstars, and one in particular, Mick
Foley, has urged Vince McMahon to fire Trump from the Hall
of Fame.

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