Triple H Says WWE Has Ten Indian Talents Ready For The Spotlight Right Now

In an interview with The Hindustan Times, Triple H spoke about the WWE’s expansion into India and how there are several Indian talents ready for the spotlight in the company. Here are highlights:

On how Superstar Spectacle was created: That idea came up, we put it through our WWE talent on Raw, SmackDown, and NXT to see who all are willing to be a part of this. And they all jumped on it. India is so special to them, the connection there. We worked with our partners Sony who have been incredible and we talked about this opportunity to come into the Thunderdome, to go live with Indian fans and really put on a spectacle. The Republic Day seemed the right time to do it. It just all kind of came together.

On doing something special for Indian fans: We are really excited about the Superstar Spectacle. Our talent is excited; our Indian talent especially is excited. This is going to be what it exactly says in the name, a spectacle. When you have a market like India where the fanbase is so large, the second-largest thing there outside of cricket, you want to make sure that you put on something worthy of that passion. We are recruiting in India since 2015 and training them. We have been going there continuously, unfortunately, the Covid situation slowed that process down but we have talent. We have 10 Indian talents that we believe are ready for the main stage. There are going to be some of the biggest stars like Drew McIntyre, Charlotte, and legends like Ric Flair during the show. You are also going to see Indian culture.

On plans for NXT India: We have been trying to find athletes since 2014 who could become local Indian WWE stars with a long-term goal of starting a WWE NXT India. The pandemic delayed that project. We are at a point now where we believe we have athletes ready or getting ready to take that big stage. If we could do that in person, we would be in India doing it.

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