Triple H Addresses Use of Barbed Wire After Vince McMahon Said WWE Wouldn8217t Be Turning To 8216Blood and Guts8217

Triple H spoke to the media tonight following NXT TakeOver: Toronto II. Highlights from the call are below.

– He said this was the highest grossing NXT event in Canada and that they had nearly 13,800 fans in attendance.

– He put over how great the show was and noted how they had to adjust the pacing of the show knowing what was coming at the end.

– He put over the killer main event, saying it reminded him a bit of the Three Stages of Hell match. He talked about how they wanted to pull off something unique that they could make their own, comparing it to an epic movie that needs a great final battle.

– He talked about how great the crowd was, and felt that they gave the fans a spectacular show.

– He said that William Regal decided on his own to go out after the main event and shake Johnny Gargano’s hand. He said it remains to be seen if that was Gargano’s final NXT match, noting that there are still more shows this weekend.

– He said the sky’s the limit for the Street Profits and that they don’t want to put a ceiling on them. He said they are so talented and that is why they are also on RAW.

– He was asked by Mike Johnson of PWInsider about the decision to use barbed wire and weapons in the main event when Vince McMahon recently said that they would not be turning to “blood and guts” even if their competition does. Triple H said that there was no blood and that the barbed wire wasn’t actually used. Johnson noted that Cole did appear to have blood on his back, and Triple H said that was due to scraping from the table. He said that people need to stop with the conspiracy theories and that there was no plan for intentional blood and guts in the match. Johnson followed up, noting that even though the barbed wire wasn’t used, having it in the match was a tease of more violence, and what conversations were had about that given McMahon’s recent comments about not turning to blood and guts. Triple H said that Johnson cut out and didn’t address the question.

– When asked about Austin Theory being at the show, he said Theory is with EVOLVE, and that they have an alliance with them.

– He was asked about Matt Riddle calling out wrestlers online. Triple H said Riddle can say what he wants and is a big boy.

– He said that right now, NXT airs Wednesdays on WWE Network and that is that is where they are at until something changes.

– He was asked about potentially doing an all-female show. He said Evolution and the Mae Young Classic show that it can be done, but that he likes having everyone on the same show to get across the equality of having men and women on the same show.

– He said they wanted Johnny Gargano to take some time to heal up so that he didn’t have anything nagging that would limit his performance.

– He talked about Velveteen Dream’s entrance being many different ideas combined together. He put over how fortunate they were to have the Toronto Raptors involved and how that made it that much more special.

– He was asked about Cris Cyborg possibly jumping to WWE. He said that if she’s interested, she can call him and they can talk. He said they always want people who have a passion for doing this and put over Ronda Rousey as an example of someone from MMA coming in.

– He said they will eventually run shows in Latin America, and that they can only do so much at a time. He talked about how NXT has become global and that many options are on the table.

– He put over all the passion that came across on the show tonight and wrapped up the call.

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